Covered California a front to fund partisan outreach

The Investors Business Daily (IBD) has exposed the true nature of the Covered California Obamacare exchange apparatus in the Golden State. Unfortunately, it’s not about health care, doctors, or nurses, but funding a vast network of partisan outreach.. In summary, the lion’s share of of $500 million to be distributed to contractors for outreach, will be […]

Ron Nehring on GOP hot seat

As major donors push the California GOP to the “center,” the following anonymous e-mail critical of party chairman, Ron Nehring, has been making the rounds of party activist inboxes. THE RON REPORT — PRE-ELECTION EDITION. I know what you’re asking. What do they mean pre-election edition? The election was just held. True. But the real […]

California electoral reform

I agree with Steven Hill and David Lesher when they argue in the Sacramento Bee that we need more debate about how to fix California’s electoral system. “So if the governor is going to open this debate, then let’s really open it. Let’s put everything on the table, not just redistricting, but proportional voting systems, […]