Tea Party activists ready to engage (finally) in local issues

The East Bay Tea Party (EBTP) has called for activists to get involved in local politics. Imagine that! A recent message blast has called for the creation of ACTION GROUPS, initially to be organized before the EBTP 5:00 p.m. July 5 meeting, at the Sycamore Clubhouse, 635 Old Orchard Road, Danville. See the Invite:

Patriots: We are forming ACTION groups at our next EBTP meeting on July 5th.

This past year we have been dedicated to taking our Government back from the liberals/progressives that have been spending and continue to spend our State and Nation into great debt. I think it is time that we take a look at how we can take action in our local communities. If we don’t begin to influence our local communities we will never win the fight against the progressives.

On Monday, July 5th at 5:00pm (before our monthly meeting) we would like to invite all EBTP Patriots to come and join forces with other Patriots to begin taking our local communities back. The idea is that we create groups of Patriots that will go to local town council meetings, school board meetings, county planning meetings, etc… and find out what is being planned and discussed. The action groups can then report back to the EBTP members and inform the entire group of plans that are in the works. We can then begin to take action and change the direction of our local communities.

Some ideas for action groups might be: Danville City Council, Contra Costa County, San Ramon Valley Unified School Board, CA/Local Gun Legislation, etc…

There is so much information and regulation being thrown at us on a daily basis it is hard to stay focused on certain topics. If we join with small groups of dedicated people that are interested in particular community topics we can more effectively make a difference and make our voices heard.

Please join us at 5:00pm, Monday, July 5th at the Sycamore Clubhouse, 635 Old Orchard Road, Danville. The ACTION group meeting will be held before our normal EBTP meeting.

Thoroughly co-opted by the GOP, Tea Party folk nationwide have allowed the movement to be led around by Republican activists and ideologues yakking about remote, theoretical issues, that only serve the advancement of party cronies and their self-dealing. Local teabaggers will want to recall that both Contra Costa and Alameda GOP leadership wanted nothing to do with them last year—and still don’t, really—except as fodder for electoral gains and maintaining their personal sinecures.

So it is encouraging to find just a little interest in something we hold dear here—and have been encouraging since 2004— conservatives actually addressing local issues in their own backyard and challenging toxic and defective leadership from both parties. Welcome to the good fight!

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  1. DH says

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for you there BGR.

    I’ll be the guy with a 3X beer belly, white baseball cap and a t-shirt that says “Go Home!”