That swirling sound? It’s the Contra Costa GOP

Republicanism in Contra Costa County continues to swirl about the drain as old guard leadership, including failed puppetmaster and beleaguered California State GOP Vice Chair Tom Del Beccaro, fail to reform the isolation, irrelevance, anachronism, and organizational incompetence of the Contra Costa Republican Party (CCRP) Central Committee.

Sadly, another year passes and the Contra Costa Central Committee has not as yet recovered its financial footing. According to informed sources who spoke to Halfway To Concord on condition of anonymity, the $10,000 that was donated for specifically Voter Registration Bounty has been spent and the committee it still in debt according to its State and Federal campaign finance documents that show:

– Ending Balance State account of $8.58 with no outstanding debt
– Ending Balance Federal $1,202.56 with outstanding debt of $4,841.00

Information on the Michael Reagan Fundraiser reveal that Reagan was paid a princely sum $6,000 for his appearance; Larry Greenfield was reimbursed $278 for airline cost. Event catering for this or some other event (not clear) was $1,174.44 for a total of $7,452.44 paid during the current filing period.

There are no payments shown for rent or phone.

Now, we hear former chair Del Beccaro, who has resigned from the Central Committee amid charges of non-attendance, apparently has gone into the event promotion business as Tom G. Del Beccaro Presents purports to host Karl Rove at an upcoming “appearance” (book signing?) in Lafayette, with proceeds said to go to the CCRP. It will be interesting how that gets recorded on the campaign finance docs.

This is a brilliant move to offload party event organizing to such a cozy relationship as TGDB Inc will not have to reveal expenses or income, only the fraction that will be funneled to the Central Committee to be used for favored candidates at the expense of all Republicans.

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  1. Tom Watcher says

    It’s about time somebody pulled back the green curtain and revealed Del Beccaro’s lies. Go BGR!

  2. says

    Now with a rumored forced “vote of confidence” in ex-vice chair Tom Del Beccaro ahead of the report of the ad hoc committee’s financial investigation, the question remains whether the CCRP leadership——all TGDB appointees——is going to do what’s right for its membership or cover for Tom as he tries to run for California GOP Chair.

    The $64,000 question is how can people trust the GOP to clean up the U.S. Senate or Congress when it can’t take care of its own mess in Contra Costa or California?