The number Lisa Vorderbrueggen will not report

BIG OIL, unions, real estate and developer interests have so far spent $215,298.64 to smear Guy Houston and ensure Mary Piepho retains her Supervisor seat. That’s an awful lot of money changing hands to not be noticed by an ace political reporter.

Could it be that this huge amount of money is probably more important to our polity than the distraction Vorderbrueggen has whipped up over dissecting each campaign mailer. This money will effect the future of Contra Costa County in so many ways: the Urban Limit Line, Prop 90, negotiations with the refineries concerning taxes, jobs, safety, and pollution, fiscal solvency, not to mention upcoming union negotiations, to name just a few critical items the Board of Supervisors must manage in the interest of taxpayers not the interests of campaign contributors.

Unfortunately, Lisa Vorderbrueggen doesn’t want you to know this number which is available at the County. She made damn sure Contra Costa Times readers knew Sheriff Rupf spent $12,500 of his own money on his mailer denouncing Piepho. But she chose not to spill the beans about the outrageous money being spent to defeat Guy Houston by her girl friends who not only have her ear but direct hundreds of thousands of dollars of PAC money and Independent Expenditures to keep a pliant Mary Nejedly Pieho in office.

Shame on Lisa Vorderbrueggen who has squandered the public’s trust.

Shame on the Contra Costa Times for allowing such unchecked bias.

Contra Costans deserve the truth. Not just what a bent reporter decides is in the best interest of her gal pals.

Time for full disclosure, Lisa!

Here Let me help.




Total as of 5.31.08
Realtors 40808.60
EB 103990.04
Big Oil 75000
Total 219,798.64

This is what it costs to buy Mary Piepho. Not a cheap date!

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  1. Discovery Bay Reside says

    "The Great Pretender"

    It is extremely difficult not to respond to the Brentwood Press front page article about Supervisor Piepho and her statements about her re-election. Piepho is quoted in the article as saying “We did zero attacks on Guy Houston, didn’t mention him once in our materials.”

    Piepho has to think the Editor of this newspaper and the public are from another planet. Chevron, that refinery in Richmond that wants to double their pollution emissions of sulfur from 1.5% to 3% into our air, Tom Koch the Developer of New Farm in charge of busting through the Urban Limit Line in San Ramon, Tom Powers Ex-Board of Supervisors now consultant for developers, and of course Mr. Bloomfield the vineyard guy who got his taxes almost eliminated and diligently reined in the votes from the Reclamation Districts to keep David Piepho on the LAFCO.

    And last but not least Jim Bickert, that big Union guy that swears Mary can’t turn down his deputies raise and pension benefits because of his support. These special interest groups poured $218,000+ of negative mailers, signs and phone calls on behalf of our Supervisor Piepho’s campaign all to discredit and keep Mr. Houston out of the seat?

    For Supervisor Piepho to act like she had nothing to do with it is deceiving and ridiculous. Houston remained a gentleman until the end and couldn’t take anymore of the false accusations. Think these guys missed the Grand Jury Report: that states "Their increase in salary (60%) will bring qualified individuals to run for the office.” It will be interesting to see how much further in debt this county falls without voting for someone qualified.

  2. Disco Man says

    Disco Bay Property Donor…………..Good Luck, all the deputies are in Oakley

  3. DiscoBay Property Ta says

    Now the pressure is on to force the powers that be in Martinez to provide some services to the unincorporated east county area (Discovery Bay). We need to fix this taxation without police protection that the County (Sheriff) has enjoyed for the past several years!

  4. Not Piepho Again! says

    'The problem with David is he thinks he is the smartest guy around and the rest of us are dumb sheep" Well, I guess we've proved David right because District 3 citizens voted for his wife AGAIN! This has not been a good year for elections! I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to our country come November! God help us all!

  5. Informed Voter says

    Dear Not from DB. David Piepho is about the sleeziest person I have ever encountered. As fast as we put up Houston campaign signs, he tears them down in the dark of night. He is a dispicable coward and a bully! He claims not to know about this but that is ridiculous. Any rational person would know that nothing is done in a campaign, particularly negative ads, without the candidate knowing about it. The problem with David is he thinks he is the smartest guy around and the rest of us are dumb sheep….I am hoping that his days are numbered regardles of the outcome of this election. It is appalling to me that DB has tolerated the reign of Terror of the Piepho’s for so long…

  6. Not from DB says

    Why aren’t David Piepho and the others explaining why the public employee unions, big oil and developers are spending so much money to keep Mary in office?

    Could it be even they were shocked to learn that Mary Piepho is not the saint she’s been pretending to be?

  7. Disco Man says

    If you write in Steve Thomas, you mind as well not vote. You would be doing a disservice to both the other candidates. Steve should have been placed on the ballot to have any affect.

  8. embarassed democrat says

    When I first heard that our Democratic leader, Tom Torlakson, endorsed Republican Mary Piepho, I squawked like Kyle's mom on South Park…What What What What? Then I calmed down once Tom explained in so many words that Piepho would play ball and drive the Democratic agenda in Martinez and Sacramento.

    But now I learn that the worst anti-progressive criminal forces including Chevron and builders who want to tear down the ULL are backing this Piepho woman.

    Senator Torlakson and all Democrats should run away from Piepho as fast as we can as she is firmly in the bag of oil companies, developers, and those that would further destroy our environment for profits. It's time Democrats stand up and stop giving cover to these reactionary forces.

    Don't support a Republican that's in the special interests' bag..

    I am voting my conscience and will write in Steve Thomas a real Democrat not a pretend Republican like Piepho.

  9. $219,798.64 says

    IE Total as of 5.31.08
    Realtors 40808.60
    EB 103990.04
    Big Oil 75000
    Total 219,798.64

    This is what it costs to buy Mary Piepho. Not a cheap date!

  10. Renegade GOP says

    The forces of evil are working very hard to crush Guy Houston. This is why Piepho must GO!!!!!!!!!

  11. Informed Voter says

    Bill, thank you so much for having the guts to put his critical information out.

    The sad fact is a majority of voters in this county don't have a clue about what the Board of Supervisors do or who they are. Yet, the Board's decisions have a major financial and personal impact in taxes and fees on all the residents of this county, whether it be property tax, permits, law inforcement services, fire services and so on and so on.

    Even more disconcerting is the fact, as evidenced by your article, that the current Board, especially Mary Piepho, is in the pockets of big oil, unions, real estate and developers. The Board consistently vote 5 to 0 on all issues. The plain fact is Mary has sold out to special interests and yet she continues to decry that "she won't take money from these groups". Of course, she doesn't have to take their money because they freely spend it because they know if she gets re-elected..THEY OWN HER!

    So my message to your readers is this…If you want to sit back and let these special interest groups run our county into bankrupcy , with Mary Peipho as their puppet, then sit this election out. If you care about this county and are concerned about these special interest groups cast your vote for Guy Houston and encourage your friends and family to do the same..

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    Edmund Burke