Villarreal looks to join crowded field for CRP Chair

Rumors are flying that John D. Villareral will soon announce his bid for the California Republican Party (CRP) Chairmanship. The voice of Conservative New Media and host of a radio show, Villareal joins other announced and rumored entrants including Guy Houston, Carly Fiorina, and others ready to challenge current vice chair Tom Del Beccaro. Villareal joins many others concerned with the failure of current CRP leadership and the future of the party that has become irrelevant in California.

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  1. Ken says

    Anyone, yes anyone, would be a better leader of the CRP than Tom D. What has he done to make the CRP better? His only claim to fame is his self aggrandizement.

    He coudn’t even lead the Contra Costa Central Committee so how can he lead the state organization? The local committee is an absolute mess and
    Tom was the architect of that mess.

    If he wins the CRP chairmanship I am tempted to re-register as a Democrat – heaven forbid.

    There will never be a chance for a Republican victory of any kind with TDB as Chair.

  2. Adam Soothe says

    I’ve followed CNM for years and have found their insights to be beyond Rush and others – “the gougr” seems like a bitter man holding on to the status quo – which is the problem with California Republican party. The only way his response makes sense is if he’s a Democrat…otherwise why is bashing his own?!?!? I’m not a politician and don’t fully understand the process, but John has some good points and makes sense. We need a change for crying out loud. Not fools like “the Gougr” sitting on his ass bashing good Americans all the while doing nothing to help the party!!!

  3. the gougr says

    I watched the “presentation.” It’s amateurish and riddled with typos. John’s “resume” contains absolutely nothing that makes him qualified to run for CRP chairman. His facebook profile claims he is a “super genius,” i’d like to think a super genius has at the very least mastered the english language. (I’m no expert, but I don’t claim to be a super genius.) His videos, which he claims are on the cutting edge of new media, are absolutely heinous and embarrassing to anyone with a background in video production.

    For some reason, John seems to think that youtube hits mean something. Any monkey can spam the internet and fool people into clicking on rubbish. He spams the hell out of people and stalks his facebook friend’s friend list adding unsuspecting onlookers to his inane and shameless online spamming machine he calls “conservative new media.”

    How can Mr. Villarreal, with a straight face, really list a conversation he had in passing with Lee Atwater as a line on his resume?

    His talking points are essentially a rehash of what Rush and others have said that day.

    And now the most embarrassing part, almost ALL of his ideas in his video have already been implemented in one form or another within the CA GOP and other GOP organizations. His plan has more typos than original ideas.

    Your move Mr. Villarreal.

  4. says

    Thanks for covering this Bill. Hello to everyone. I have officially announced that I am running for Chairman of the California Republican Party. I have a video and PPT detailing my extensive plan to improve the CA GOP. Please review that here:

    Let me know what you think. So far, it is being VERY well received. I want to make sure the CRP works for all Republicans, we win, and our leaders are accountable for results. I myself have taken a pledge of accountability to get results and wins for you.

    Thanks very much,

    John D. Villarreal
    Candidate for Chairman of the California Republican Party
    Founder & CEO of Conservative New Media
    Host of the John D. Villarreal Radio Show

  5. Tom Watcher says

    I wouldn’t be so cocky about this guy. He’s raising a bunch of questions that Del Beccaro should have to answer. Del Beccaro’s been VP of the CRP for 4 years so he’s responsible for the decline of the party. He hasn’t raised money for the state party or the Contra Costa Republicans. What good is he and why should he lead the CRP?

    It’s too bad this Villarreal character is such a big mouth. He’s bringing up the right stuff .

  6. Kris says

    This gentleman needs to learn from Jerry
    Brown that less is more. Know when to stop talking if you want to get your message out.