Why did people root for Christopher Dorner?

dorner-tattooThe Christopher Dorner story of a crazed-ex-LAPD-cop on a vengeful killing spree stirred up a surprising range of reactions. I’m struggling to make sense of why some people identify and sympathize with Christopher Dorner who, by all appearances, was a whack and cold-blooded murderer. Columnist Jim Geraghty explains it this way:

What’s going on with this strange cult of personality that sprung up around Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer who went on a killing spree? Why are a small but vocal group of people self-identifying as “Team Dorner”?

Dennis Prager argues that the Dorner killing spree is perhaps even more horrific than the Sandy Hook kindergarten shooting, because after that, nobody was twisted enough to argue that the shooter was the hero of the story.

If you read the manifesto of a guy who (allegedly, but who are we kidding?) murdered three people, and your primary reaction is, “Hey, he felt marginalized and slighted in the workplace, and so do I! We’re kindred spirits, the two of us!” you’ve managed to miss the point on a scale best measured by astronomers.

To look at the horrors going on out in Los Angeles and feel sympathy for Dorner’s workplace grievances is an amazing ability to empathize with precisely the wrong person in these circumstances. Am I crazy for sensing a general overlap between the Dorner’s-a-hero crowd and the Occupy Wall Street crowd?

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  1. limeridger says

    The severely misguided people rooting / cheering / or supporting Dorner’s cause comes from the same mindset as the baser side of the similarly severely misguided and disgusting Occupy movement. This was not an innocent being wrongly chased down by police who only killed to save his own life in self-defense. This was a disgruntled employee who actually thought it was okay to target and kill people because he lost his job. It really doesn’t matter if he was correct in his grievances with the LAPD, which it appears he was not. His actions of killing should have been roundly, universally, and completely condemned. It sickens me that there were people who used adjectives such as “exiting” and “django unchained in real life” to describe what this maggot was doing… These commentators not only disrepected but inflicted their own salt on the wounds of the victims created by Dorner.

    • Wendy Lack says

      Dorner supporters organize using social media: http://lat.ms/ZkxE5K

      “The protesters marched around the block, circling an intersection near the [LAPD] department headquarters. They chanted, ‘LAPD, you are guilty.’”

    • says

      I am sure LAPD is guilty of many things for which employees and even minorities might take offense. This can never justify killing innocent or even guilty perpetrators. For groups (and there are funded anarchist and leftist forces and “community organizers” churning the outrage) to hold up Dorner as a hero is not only misguided but harmful, most of all to the put-upon groups they pretend to speak for by cheering for violence as a solution.