Will SF Giants and 49ers boycott Arizona teams?

Following the childlike tantrums of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome and Supervisors, and President Obama against Arizona’s new immigration reform law, rumours are swirling around the upper ecehelons of professional sports, concerning possible plans to boycott Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Arizona Diamondbacks and the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. The complexity of possible schedule changes alone would prohibit MLB from canceling or rescheduling any games in the 2010 season until after its midseason All-Star break.

According to the rules of both MLB and the NFL, no one franchise can make such a decision reserved for respective league management. But since both leagues are Congressionally approved monopolies, and many receive massive state subsidies for stadiums and public safety support, political pressure is sure to be a huge part of any decision by commissioners Bud Selig (MLB) and Roger Goodell (NFL).

According to a source close to the matter, Bud Selig rumored to be overheard as saying, “I’ll be damned if our players will have to produce their papers to the home plate umpire at the beginning of every game.” More than the NFL, Major League Baseball is rife with Latin, and Japanese. and Canadian players whose contracts provide the grounds for the league and team’s need to apply for and receive proper Visas for foreign players. Such legalities might require baseball players to carry contracts as well as visas; a matter the the MLB Players Union is willing to go on strike over.

At the end of the day, the only baseball team that should be boycotted is not the Arizona Diamnondbacks, but the 7-12 Pittsburgh Pirates.

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  1. Julie says

    Wow! This is backfiring on California.

    I don’t think Arizona has to worry. From all the buzz on the internet tonight, there are MORE calls to BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA . There are people from all over the states that are confirming that California will be the target, I have seen everything from boycotting produce wines, travel and any food product made in California.

    The Arizona boycott won’t last long. they have the other 49 states supporting them and their right to govern their OWN state.
    It’s being called BUYcott Arizona.

  2. HadEnough says

    That’s it.

    If Major League Baseball wants to endorse people who knowingly break the law by coming to this country illegally by moving the All-Star game away from Arizona, well then I WILL DEFINITELY boycott Major League Baseball. I will NOT buy tickets or watch the games on TV. I have put a lot of $$$$ into my favorite sport of baseball, but that will change the DAY they announce they are moving the All-Star Game!

    Take that to the bank!

  3. ksfo-blows says

    Brian Sussman and Duncan Hunter are idiots.

    On KSFO this morning the kiss-ass wing-nut Sussman was DEFENDING Duncan Hunter for explaining that legal, natural born children of illegals should be deported from California as well as their parents.

    This is insane.

    What Duncan Hunter should’ve said to the gotcha question was…

    It’s up to the parents here illegally whether to abandon their children or not.

  4. Jeff says

    What a poor argument – Professional players from foreign coutries are here legally and have no concerns withhis law. This law targets those who are here illegaly and only if there is cause to stop them.

    ~ EDITOR REPLIES — First of all it was satire, hyperbole, a sendup of one possible logical outcome. Secondly, the way opponents of the AZ law spin it racial profiling trumps all so visas will be needed by all, including Russian Hookers!

  5. coffee fan says

    Any states that really want to help out the poor beleaguered illegals, they should invite them all to migrate over ASAP