Assemblywoman Bonilla leads rally for higher taxes for education

susan bonilla, california education, Take Action Unite for Education, tax increase, concord rallyAs part of teacher union “Take Action, Unite for Education” rallies across the state, California Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla (AD-11), headlined a rally in Concord where she called for even higher taxes for education. In her plea for more tax dollars for education, Wednesday (May 18), Bonilla called for an extension of California’s 2009 tax increases that voters rejected last year.

Addressing an audience of some 150 people in Concord’s Todos Santos Plaza, Ms. Bonilla said, “Education is the doorway to opportunity.”

Ms. Bonilla has endorsed Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to extend the 2009 tax increases for five years. Mr. Brown is a Democrat. To enact the governor’s plan, Ms. Bonilla said that two Republican votes in the State Assembly and two Republican votes in the State Senate would be needed.

Ms. Bonilla said that, “We’re here today — united.” About half a dozen other speakers joined Ms. Bonilla in asking for more funds for education.

On April 1, 2009, the state sales tax went up one percentage point. In most parts of Contra Costa County, the sales tax went from 8.25 percent to 9.25 percent.

In November 2010, Concord’s voters supported an additional increase in the sales tax. The increase only applies within the boundaries of Concord. The sales-tax hike went into effect on April 1, 2011. The tax went from 9.25 percent to 9.75 percent.

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10 thoughts on “Assemblywoman Bonilla leads rally for higher taxes for education”

  1. Assemblywoman,
    AB1081…your vote….yes,my next vote…not for you
    Really, the police arrest a person and you have a problem with a records check and law enforcement agencies passing info. The fingerprint check shows the arrested person is an ILLEGAL alien,but you don’t want the info passed to the FEDERAL AGENCY RESPONSIBLE FOR IMMIGRATION control. It might break up a family. The price of Californias’ bill for illegal aliens is tremendous. Instead of asking me to think that raising taxes will stop the endless hand in my pocket… are breaking up many California residents by showing us,only some laws have to be followed…the ones you disagree with,we won’t enforce.
    OHH, and you want to raise taxes. Manage the money you receive now. You might find that more than enough. And before you give me that “small percentage of budget” stuff….send that small percentage to me…i’ll vote for you forever

  2. Please learn some economics, Rich (of May 23, 2011, at 12:35 P.M.). In December 2006, Susan Bonilla, then mayor of Concord and a member of Concord’s City Council, voted to increase the pay of Concord City Council member by 72%. The same month, Bonilla supported the vote by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to raise each supervisor’s salary by 60%. At the time (December 2006), Bonilla had been elected to the Board of Supervisors, but not yet sworn in. On January 1, 2007, the Contra Costa Times lead story (on page one) said that Bonilla had spent $200,000 of taxpayers’ money to fund a new office for herself (as a county supervisor). The office was in Concord’s Todos Santos Plaza. Bonilla reminds one of Marie Antoinette except that Bonilla did not say: “Let them eat cake.” How many hungry children could have been fed if those 72% and 60% wage increases had not taken place? If Bonilla had not been so extravagant, how many jobs — public or private — could have been created? Greed is not confined to Republicans or Democrats. Multi-billion dollar bailouts of banks, insurance companies, and car companies are just as egregious as excessively high wages for unionized constuction workers who get government- mandated pay of $50 an hour instead of the market rate of $25 an hour. Why have 50 miles of freeway when citizens can have 100 miles of freeway and more jobs? Speaking of plutocrats, what were Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy? Stand up for jobs by revamping the corporate income tax, which, at 40% in the United States, is the highest in the industralized world. If corporations pay money (dividends) to owners, let the owners pay tax — as part of their personal income tax — on that dividend income. If corporations use profits to employ more people, develop new products and services, and enhance productivity (such as by buying more computers), there should be no tax. Jobs will be created by reconfiguring the corporate income tax.

    Richard S. Colman
    Orinda, CA
    May 23, 2011

  3. Allowing these taxes to lapse will throw more people out of work, we don’t need this, not at all. We have seen uptick in private sector job growoth, but mitigating this is loss of public jobs. Our economy is so terrible in California because too many out of work, out of work people don’t spend. We must do everything to stop job loss, not just from the perspective of jumpstarting economy, but the human loss. In all my life I have never seen so many people out of work, our construction guys in particular, this misery has to end. I applaud Assemblywomen Bonilla for doing everything she can to keep our schools properly funded, and her effort to keep people working as well. We Democrats, what we stand for is jobs, puting people to work – we aren’t the party of rich investors, CEO’s and plutocrats, we are the party that puts people to work, or keeps them working, and what better use of public funds do we have than those being paid to college instructors and k thru 12 teachers. Education spending is beneficial to our economy, to our citizens, to the community. Please, all voters, stand up for education and jobs!

    1. For a party that puts people to work your guys aren’t doing a very good job, Rich. In fact, Democratic policies in Sacramento are driving jobs out of California by droves. You defend the welfare state and your sense of entitlement even after your policies have drained every resource. When there is no money left, you still demand more than constitutionally guaranteed Prop 98 education funding!

      And for what kind of results?

      You can paint opposition to your entitlement worldview as CEO plutocrats ready to throw grandma off the cliff, but in reality land voters are so wise they already rejected the tax increases you want them to approve!

      You say government must save government jobs to save our economy? What a false tautology.

      Dude. There isn’t any more money left for your myth of the free ride. Government needs to make cuts just like all of the working families in California have.

  4. Just look at the protest signs from all of Susan’s supporters. The raised red fist is a symbol of marxism. I believe that she may be a closet marxist. It would fit with her support of this unjust tax increase.

  5. The choice is simple. Do we want education or do we want a government (socialist) monopoly that often fails. If we want education, there will be pupils who are can read and write well, do mathematics, and comprehend history. These pupils will also graduate from school with essential skills. However, giving more money to the monopolistic public school system often does not lead to improved education. Instead, when we give more money to public schools, we are obtaining more high-paid bureaucrats who have outrageous pension and health-care benefits. Give parents a choice, not a government monopoly.

    Richard S. Colman
    Orinda, CA
    May 21, 2011

  6. she and her unions and her philosophy are reasons why calif is disfunctional.
    She just doesn’t get it:reduce/eliminate spending.How come her name seems to be everywhere these days ? is she again running for a higher office. In every position she has held and left:there is always a mess behind. Some things never change……..

  7. To clarify: Two of these taxes have already expired, so these are no longer tax extensions. The others will expire at the end of June. So these would be increases, not extensions. This is an important selling point, or the more accurate ” tax increases” terms would be used by the Governor and Assemblywoman Bonilla.

    From a political standpoint, there is every reason not to push for these tax increases until other reforms are agreed to such as pay, pension reform, and spending caps that will really allow this state to get off its fiscal roller coaster. If those tax increases are put in place by the Legislature there will be nothing to put pressure on Governor and the Legislature to reform.

    That is exactly what happened last time. In 2009, the Legislature and then Governor Swartzenegger put the taxes in place for two years. The people voted against extending them for another three. So here we are again, no fixes in sight, and now they want five more years of taxes.

    We need to fix the state’s fiscal problems. Why does California have to have the most expensive prison guards in the nation. California has 12% of the population but 32% of the welfare cases. We have huge unfunded liabilities for pension and retiree health care. Until we have solutions in concrete for those issues, just piling on more taxes simply kicks the can down the road.

  8. We continue to throw more and more money at the education problem with little result. Why aren’t those who support education fighting to get rid of incompetent teachers? Why not push for more charter schools or school vouchers? Why don’t the teachers support having non-teaching services like cleaning, outside maintenance, etc. done by the lowest bidder instead of making these jobs be done by expense union labor?


  9. Political writing is such a funny sport.

    The current tax rate is to expire so one side calls it a tax increase if it is extended and says people want to increase taxes for education.
    Seems that the other side could say that in the face of a large deficits and the failure to adequately fund education, their opposite side wants to cut taxes and further underfund education.

    One side says that the only the wealthy pay taxes, the other side says why do you want to reduce taxes on the wealthy then to cut education for the masses?

    Politics, the most expensive form of entertainment my tax dollars are forced to buy.

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