California Republicans are as pathetic as Raider fans

Football and politics have a lot in common in California. Every time I think about the Republicans in the state legislature they remind me of a bad football team. If a sports team had two winning seasons in thirty eight years would you continue to support them? Yet, that is exactly how many times the Republicans in the Sacramento have been in charge of the legislature in the last thirty eight years.

In many ways the California Republican Party and their elected leaders are similar to the current attendees at an Oakland Raider game. The only folks who attend Raider games anymore are the diehard true believers in the Raider Nation. Raider fans are a wonderful bunch of people who love the Raiders no matter what the outcome of the game or the season. Their current slogan at tailgate a parties at the Oakland Coliseum (or whatever corporate name they are using these days) is, “It is not about football. It’s a Raider game!” I have to wonder, as I watch the California Republican party continue to shrink down to its base of true believer conservatives if their slogan ought to be, “It is not about winning elections, it is about being ideologically perfect!”

With this attitude, no wonder California Republicans can’t even win one for the Gipper!

If things don’t change soon the question will be if California Republicans on the verge of extinction in the Golden State? They certainly are in the Bay Area. As I stated last week if Abram Wilson does not win in the 15th Assembly District say good bye any partisan seat in the Bay Area.

Recently State Assembly leader Mike Villines showed up for a campaign event for Abram Wilson. Republican leader Mike Villines seems like a nice enough person. I have had the occasion to meet him in the past. He is even well thought of by many of the State Democrats. He gave a typical red meat speech about how they triumphed on the budget over the Democrats. But the facts are that the Republicans in Sacramento have not mattered for a long time. The only time they have anything to do is at budget time. The rest of the time nobody cares. Republicans could be off playing Texas Hold-Em in a corner of the capitol or at one of their retreats in Lake Tahoe (Nevada Side). Things have become so bad for the vaunted GOP Caucus Republicans that many Democrats are worried that there will not be any type of loyal opposition to even marginally shape legislation.

So here is a proposal to help the Republican Caucus in Sacramento. I know this sounds crazy, but I believe that the Democrats in charge of the state legislature in Sacramento should create an Affirmative Action program for minority Republicans so they can feel relevant. Let the Republicans propose a few bills and pass some bills out of committee. If Assembly Republicans get too uppity or radical, the Democrat majority can vote them down in the main chamber. You know Governor Arnold will support it. Maybe over time Republicans will learn to be somewhat more bipartisan. Just think, if they learn how to be a little less ideological maybe the bipartisanship can work both ways and we can have a better state government.

Then Ward Connerly can have a ballot initiative to repeal it, and just maybe the Raiders will have a winning season!

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Author: Renegade Republican

The Renegade Republican is a series of articles on local and national politics by a long time Republican insider. These ariticles are written to entertain as well as inform about that little world of insanity we call politics and can have one or more contributers to the final product. Joy to the world!!

2 thoughts on “California Republicans are as pathetic as Raider fans”

  1. Richard,
    You make Great points. It should be remembered that the Republican Caucus in Sacramento capitulated to the Democrats during reapportionment in 2001. They decided it was more important to have safe seats and keep their jobs and be a permanent minority than fight for fair districts.
    Just imagine if the Republicans had fought the Democrats in 2001 and lost. Would they be any worse than off than they are today?
    I also like the fact that you bring up Eisenhower. He was a great Republican. This current version of the Republicans spends too much time trying to find the next Reagan. It is time to move on!

  2. To The Editor:

    The author of the above piece is correct. The Republicans in the California State Legislature do remind one of a bad football team.

    Part of the problem is that the Democrats in the legislature have carved up legislative districts so that Republcans will, at least most of the time, be a minority party.

    But most of the blame lies with Republicans themselves. Republicans need a positive agenda — an agenda that ecompasses economc growth, lower taxes, more indvidual responsibility, and more personal freedom.

    One of the most egregious aspects of the Republican Party is that is uses the power of government to control personal behavior. Matters like abortion, biological evolution, prayer in the schools, and an overall fundamentalist Christian agenda should be omitted from politics. Government is the enemy of personal freedom. Government cannot be tursted to be the guardian of liberty.

    In addition, the Republican Party does not reach out to ethnic monorities, especially Latinos, African-Amercians, and Asians. Most Republican social events are reminiscent of the 1950’s, an era when most of America was white and Protestant.

    All political power flows from the center. The California Republican Party ought to be in the center, The party would be better served by following the politics of former President Dwight Eisenhower and former Governor Earl Warren, both of whom knew how to win elections by huge margins. Einsehower won two presidential landslides (1952 and 1956). Warren was elected governor three times (1942, 1946, and 1952). Even Arnold Schwarzenegger showed that a moderate Republican can win.

    It’s time to overthrow the leadership of the California Republcan Party, a group of people with rectionary ideas.

    Let’s get back to peace and prosperity — both of which depend on limited government.

    Richard Colman
    Orinda, CA
    Oct. 27, 2008

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