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The Contra Costa Bee does not guarantee the accuracy of any information and users cannot sue us for stupidly believing everything they read. Most of what is on this website is some community member’s idea of news or opinion, for argument’s sake lets call it bullsh*t that ought to be thoroughly treated by an operable waste treatment facility called your brain and good judgment. Moreover, use of the word “bullshit” shall not constitute an insult to any user of this website or any person living or dead except the murderous Che Guevara, but even that’s more a case of being an asshole. Oh well.

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If something weird happens to your computer because you accessed this website, you cannot blame us in any way. We will tolerate one nasty note and nothing more. You are allowed other actions, legal or otherwise, only if you stand in the middle of AT&T Park during a World Series Game completely naked and scream the words: “I am not insane. I can hear the prisoners of Xtgon-8 begging to be released.” You must do this for one hour or until your arrest, or Bumgarner hits a HR, whichever comes first.

The Contra Costa Bee reserves the right to modify, disable access to or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any part or all of this website or any information contained thereon without liability or notice to you. We tell you this for no particular reason since you cannot do much about it anyway, and may never notice.

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Commenters must earn the right to post at The Contra Costa Bee. Comments on Featured Posts must move the discussion forward and not simply rant or make the same points over and over and over. So give us your best work. Post your drivel on the newspaper or other sites like Craig’s List and don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re done. Two word comments like “Say What?” or “WTF will also be trashed.

Many spam posts and spam trackbacks are automatically removed including other bad behavior. This is not to say we will not publish comments from legitimate business owners commenting on the issues of the day that include some relevant URL to some product or site. We judge these on a cases by case basis. So be cool.

Creating spammy posts in the forums or in groups are not tolerated. You will be banned and the offending posts burned in the third level of hell. The Contra Costa Bee reserves the right without recourse to determine what is a spammy post.

We spend quite a bit of our time and treasure to block phishing and DoD attacks, black listed IPs and domains, poison links, known spam servers, blocked email domains, the list of bad guys fucking up the Internet is endless. So know that we care about making make this site relatively secure from such assholes; so you’re welcome.

How to Post
Unlike the establishment news media, particularly newspapers, The Contra Costa Bee encourages its reader to write their own news and commentary. We prefer you register then write or paste your work from within your own account. It’s not hard. And it makes life easier for us if you learn the simple steps. And you know what they say, if you make work for us, well…

All submissions to the Featured Posts section are moderated and edited for clear meaning, spelling and style. Plus we add some special SEO magic to every post so it gets ranked high on Google. So if you want to show off, this is the place. There is no guarantee that your work submitted for the Featured Posts Section will be published there. We decide. You don’t.

You are also able to post freely in the FORUMS without editorial say so (except for spam and rant see above). Any time, any topic. Create a topic.   This is a social network after all

The Community is also encouraged to ADD non-profit, business, political and community events. Just use the form under EVENTS. As above, if you just email an event to us instead of adding it yourself it may not make it. Ask for help in the Support Group forum.

Business, public affairs, and community groups and special interests (SIGs, BOFs, whatever) can create their own groups at The Contra Costa Bee. Groups may designate a moderator in order to have a forum and otherwise ride herd on your discussions according to the stuff about rants, defamation, and spam (see above). Private groups are also available. Your group may even develop its own blog here upon The Contra Costa Bee.

Indemification by User
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