County election results to be certified by December 4

Election results for Contra Costa County may not be certified until December 4, according to County Clerk Steve Weir. “We have until Dec 4th and it will, most likely take that long, it traditionally has, that’s why we’re working today.” Any delay may effect some city councils who have scheduled post election reorganizations for early December.

Jeff Rubin, in Pinole said, “Pinole has a council meeting that night (12/4) and expects to get the certification by the close of business December 4, so our re-elected councilmen can be sworn in. But working hard to get votes certified on tight deadlines is not unheard of. “The same scenario took place in 2010,” Rubin recalled.

“We’re sitting on the same bubble,” said Mary Rae Lehman, Concord City Clerk.

“This has been a historically heavy vote-by-mail return—— much later in the game—— than in the past,” explained Weir. “I hope to update Wednesday or Thursday with most of the mail that came in on E-Day.”

“It is our hope that we can get Thanksgiving off.”

election results, 2012, certificationIt is a slow, arduous process for County ballot counters. “We can’t even touch the 23,692 provisional ballots until we have completed several other functions,” explained Weir. Each provisional [ballot] can take 8 to 12 minutes, each. Provisional envelopes are pink so they draw attention to poll workers so they don’t let them into the scanners.

“This place will be a sea of pink (aka Pepto Bismol) for about 10 days, at every station in the office.”

“This is the first time on the bubble for us,” explained Lehman. “But Steve always meets the deadline in compliance with the mandate in Election Code 15372.”

According to Lehman, the best stop gap may be for City Clerks who may be affected in early December to contact the County Clerk to be pushed to top to meet their deadlines.

But our experience following Weir’s oversight of election results over the years is, he and his staff will get the job done come hell or high water.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

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4 thoughts on “County election results to be certified by December 4”

    1. We’re planning another update later this afternoon. Looks like just after 6 pm

      We have the following close (or perceived close) contests:

      CC Community College Dist. Ward 2 (Monday’s update shows a 0.5% spread)*

      Martinez Schools (Monday’s update shows a 1% spread)

      Byron Union Schools (Monday’s update shows a 0.3% spread)*

      Lafayette Schools (Monday’s update shows a 1.09% spread)

      Antioch Council (Monday’s update shows a 0.9% spread)

      Clayton Council (Monday’s update shows a 1.03% spread)

      Pleasant Hill Council (Monday’s update shows a 0.13% spread)*

      San Pablo Council (Monday’s update shows a 0.76% spread)

      Measure D (San Ramon School Bond) (Monday’s update shows a 0.62% spread)*

      * Contests to watch

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