Declaration of Independence: let’s hold these truths in 2014

declaration of indepdence

Thomas Jefferson once said that, “any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” My New Years resolution is to remember and act on the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, which spoke directly to this dire warning. I start with the values upon which our nation is founded:

1. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

My rights have been given me, endowed upon me and other Americans, by our Creator, not the government, a President, or any legislature. Any “right” granted by a person or government can be taken away by a subsequent person or government. And our rights and our government are limited under the Constitution, not expanded at every whim of a President or Congress.

The Declaration of Independence is resolution enough in 2014

2. The Declaration continues with: “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed”.

Our government is a limited government that owes its authority to the governed. The constitution places the sovereignty in the people, outside of government, and the only way the people can maintain this sovereignty /control is though elections.

But as governments become too big to control, to know what it is doing, our sovereignty is in danger. Even big government supporter Barak Obama has said, when confronted with abuses by Federal agencies, that the Federal government is too big to run or to know what is happening.

The Declaration of Independence was 1,322 words; ObamaCare is 363,086 words. No one in Congress who voted for it had read it; few understand it, even today. Healthcare could have been “reformed” to a greater benefit for all people with legislation five to ten pages long. But you couldn’t create something so complex and incomprehensible that you could redistribute wealth, reward your allies and financial contributors and punish your opponents.

The government is too complex, too large, too out of control. It spies on us, tells us what to buy, tells us how to live our lives.

3. Capitalism is the greatest economic system ever created. It has taken more people out of poverty than any other economic system ever implemented.

The greatest attributes of capitalism are that transactions among and between people are voluntary and protected by law. overnment transactions are not voluntary. An entity with the power to tax, regulate, and punish people does not make voluntary transactions.

4. Government can not, and should not, pick winners and losers. It should not grant favorable tax or legal status to anyone; this includes both individuals (“social justice”) and entities, such as corporations (crony capitalism), non-profits and unions. There should be no favored industries, no market creating attempts by a government to favor one industry, one community, over others.

May we all be successful in our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in this new year.

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Author: Harold Bray

My name is Hal Bray. I am the 2nd Vice Chair of the Contra Costa Republican Party. I am a Republican, a conservative, a husband and a father and grandfather, all important reasons to speak out on what is happening in and to our Country and State. I believe we all have the responsibility to talk with each other, especially with those who do not agree with us.

5 thoughts on “Declaration of Independence: let’s hold these truths in 2014”

  1. Public schools could have something to do with peoples ignorance. Liberal ideas dominate. Most children want to spend their lives with a handheld electronic device. in their face. Why not have the electronic device teach? How about a robot giving lectures? Robots don’t take vacations or collect fat retirement pay. I met an incredibly intelligent school teacher recently. He teaches at a Catholic school in Anaheim. His lectures could be put on every robot in the country. What has changed in public schools in the last 50 years?. Chalk boards & lockers have gone away. Teacher pay & pensions have skyrocketed. Factories have to modernize or go under. Why not modernize schools? Oh! The teachers union owns the politicians..

  2. I don’t really understand the relevance of your comment to the posting. It looks more like a “rabbit trail” to me that speaking to what I wrote. How do you feel about our rights being created by God, not man and the [power of government being n the elected, not in the government itself. Is capitalism the best economic system created? Is the government too big to manage? Should government pick winners and losers?

  3. We are the land of the Fee & the home of the Idon’twantogetinvoled. It always comes out like one word.. The same group of people, who despise the sound of children having fun, has been in power here, since 1976, or earlier. The incredibly corrupt news media, always tells the sheep to keep voting for the ruling party & their schemes to raise our taxes. The tax increases are always for schools & roads, then the politicians spend foolishly on everything else, then ask for more money for schools& roads. Then many hostile, dour morons will get on their soapbox & scream dire warnings if you don’t vote your money into the abyss. .Will people ever declare their independence from these dour dictators? Nah! they are to busy sitting on their flub watching mercenaries butt heads on TV..

    1. Why do we keep electing the same dolts when they are doing such a bad job? Congress has a 6% approval rating and the State legislature in running the State into bankruptcy, but the same fools are re-elected. Thank God for Halfway to Concord Bruce so we can read more than the Times cheer leading for the same crap everyday. Send your friends and neighbors these postings and get the ones that are dolts on line so we can have them join the conversation.

  4. You should remember that the Declaration of Independence was composed with the ideals and actions to justify treason alias revolution, while the Constitution was designed by the mostly the same people after the failure of the Articles of Confederation to prevent a future group from doing the same to them.

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