Harmer-GOP violate election code

Report says, the Contra Costa County (California) GOP is in violation of State GOP and California Election Code rules as it throws support to David Harmer in the CD-10 Special Election runoff

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UPDATE 1:37 p.m. 7/14

Ted Hudacko writes that

“Michael Caporusso has been serving simultaneously as both CCRP’s Executive Director (despite the current effort to redesignate him as ‘consultant’) and Mr. Harmer’s Campaign Manager. In May, the CCRP membership was informed of a $50k allocation from Mr. Harmer (or his campaign) to CCRP, ostensibly for voter registration. Given that CCRP has outstanding debts left over from 2008, that CCRP’s largest ongoing expense is Mr. Caporusso’s salary, and the fact that all funds are fungible, there are questions how this money is actually being spent. Volunteers in the CCRP dial for dollars operation managed by Mr. Caporusso have been reading a script that talks of only ‘one candidate’ and identifies Mr. Harmer.”

Also See recent comment nearby documenting Michael Caparusso as spokesperson for Harmer campaign while on payroll of CCRP as Executive Director ($4,000 per month).

Caporusso is identified as CCRP Executive Director on the party website and one of his many email addresses:
michael.caporusso@gmail.com; on behalf of; Michael Caporusso [Director@contracostagop.com]

See also the CCRP website




UPDATE 7:00 p.m. 7/12
CCRP conspires to break CA GOP party bylaws and California election code

bylaws, california gop, ccrp, contra costa county, County GOP, county republican committee, David Harmer, deep throat, election code, republicans, state of california, tom del beccaroContra Costa County Republican Committee (CCRP) member Ted Hudacko, (D-1), has sent a letter to Steve Sonaty, the alleged “legal counsel” of the County GOP, that challenges Sonaty’s instruction to committee members to conspire with Sonaty and other certain members of the Central Committee to violate both California GOP Party bylaws and the State of California Election Code. Sonaty instructed CCRP leadership to take a firm position of support for David Harmer in the upcoming CD-10 Special Election runoff.

In the document below, Steve Sonaty reponds to committee member Sean Ackley’s suggestion that the CCRP organize a Forum for Republican CD-10 candidates, of which there are at least four. Instead, Sonaty countermands Ackley, suggesting instead that CCRP leadership rally behind one candidate, Daved Harmer, a candidate that has been openly supported by CCRP vice chair, Tom Del Beccaro, former chair of the CCRP and current embattled vice chair of the California Republican Party.

Ted Hudack, representing District 1, then responds to Sonaty, citing appropriate sections of the California Republican Party Bylaws and California’s Election Code, which prohibit a county central committee to “endorse, support, or oppose” any candidate for nomination by the California Republican Party for partisan office in the direct primary election.”

A lawless GOP is not what California needs. A candidate and other party leaders that play along with such collusion should be considered suspect.

As Deep Throat once whispered, “Follow the money.”

Contra Costa Gop Vilolates California Election Code

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

32 thoughts on “Harmer-GOP violate election code”

  1. Response to LMAO. You have to be one of Del Beccarro’s besotted ladies who continues to lick his boots. I did resign but for my own reasons. I was not caught in any lie about anything.

    I just got fed up on the illegal actions and weakness of the CCRP leadership. Neither the chairman nor treasurer could get elected to the committee in their own right. So Del Beccaro engineered an illegal action to get them appointed to the committee.

    Things have gone downhill from there. This committee is totally irrelevant on the Contra Costa scene. It can’t even pay its bills, being deeply in debt. Contributions have fallen to zero as people have come to realize what a farce the committee has become.

    So LMAO, get your facts straight. Get off your knees in front of Del Beccaro and open your eyes.

    I don’t have time to waste on useless organizations.

  2. BGR,
    certainly not a fan of del beccaro’s…his record of success, or lack of one, in contra costa and statewide speaks for itself. but given the tremendous amount of hype and effort you put into pushing for an investigation of the alleged violations, and the previous portrayal of hambrick as some kind of honest broker/champion of justice, I find the lack of coverage given to be disengenious.

    1. Not really sure what you are fishing for whoever you are, LMAO. Could you be just a smidge less oblique? You make it sound as if you are much more informed on some of these topics and perhaps you should share with us, instead, yes?

      As for Mr Hambrick, I myself have not followed some of the events you allude to as assiduously as you suggest. Having a life and a day job, I only heard 2nd-hand of the kangaroo court during the GOP convention, and don’t know the full story of how Mr Hambrick was unprofessionally revealed as a source. You might ask the parties involved directly. I can’t speak for all those concerned, but I am certain Mr Hambrick can defend himself adequately, thank you.

      As for who’s being disengenuous—which is it—too much effort or none? Or am I to explain why it wasn’t on 60 Minutes to you? I don’t owe you or any other anonymous coward any explanation. But you or anyone are always welcome to bring any evidence to the contrary of any claim I have made concerning the matters and evidence I have raised.

      For instance, the CCRP is broke:


      If in fact the money the Del Arroz family gave for voter registration is actually used for that purpose and not keeping the lights on, the CCRP appears to be $13,000 in the hole. With proceeds from a BBQ and “Boot Camp” maybe only $10K in the red.

      You, or any member of TGDB Inc, are always welcome to dispute anything I have presented here with verifiable documentation of your own.

  3. or the story about one of the alleged ccrp reformers, hambrick, having to resign from the committee after being caught in a lie about leaking information to the press and then denying it?

    ~ EDITOR ASKS — Anything else? Just two items? Surely TGDB Inc’s minions can rustle up more outrage than this!

  4. Where is the story about the DA and SOS laughing away these alleged violations? there is only ever one-sided coverage about the ccrp on halfway. it would seem that the end result of this big push on violations would be newsworthy

  5. Word on the street is that Republican David Harmer doesn’t want any Republican organization endorsements for his campaign in CD10. Hey Dave, just so you know – on the ballot, under your name, next to your ballot designation it will read ‘Republican’. There’s no sense in hiding it! lol

    If you don’t want Republican support, why not just run as a Democrat?

  6. So tell me, what the Democrat Party is so afaid of? Why is there always some stupid allegation against a Republican Conservative? Follow the money, but follow it down more than onw path…

    1. You or anyone are welcome to post examples here about any illegal or stinky activities of any political party, Rebecca.

    1. You are not going to get an answer out of of Tom Del Beccaro Inc. That’s the last thing you’ll see.

      Mr Sonaty, Esq., was last seen trying to start a touchy feely ashram of forgiveness, while Patty O’Day’s flippant response of “Whatever” seemed out of character for a “Volunteer of the Year” of the California GOP—or typical, I suppose, depending on your uncritical adoration of Tom as your meal ticket to self respect.

      The more important question is why haven’t the other Republican candidates screamed like hell and filed a restraining order by now in Superior Court or taken the issue up with the Contra Costa County District Attorney Election Fraud Division and the California Fair Political Practices Committee.

      Why haven’t Peterson, Bunch, and others stood up for themselves or spoken out about being strapped over a barrel and getting seriously pwned by Tom Del Beccaro and the CCRP?. That’s just embarrassing. Gots to hurt too.

      What are voters supposed to think if milk toast candidates can’t stand up for themselves and their own campaign? Certainly not the kind of person I’d want representing me in Congress.

      Even Harmer ought to officially distance himself from Del Beccaro and the CCRP. I’ve heard numerous reports that Harmer has openly feigned< ?> surprise to learn that his campaign manager (that came to him via Tom Del Beccaro Inc) was still working FULL TIME (on paper) as the Executive Director of the CCRP.

      But he plays along and sullies his own reputation perhaps thinking a $50,000 donation to the CCRP should buy the party’s silence and absolution for him. Another squirrrel I’d not want to represent me.

  7. While I would be normally willing to give up $99 for the sheer comedy of the law suit, but only if the papers were posted here so I could see that it actually happened…after all we are talking about Republicans here and (politicians in general) so veracity along with Weapons of Mass Deception is always a concern….
    however as a non-member of the Party of NO, I have no technical standing and having already been labeled an ‘Outside Agitator’ by one Republican VP (Spiro Agnew-1969) maybe it would be best for the petitioners here, to be all card carrying good true red-bellied Republican Law and Order types…I still think it would be hilarious to march into Jerry Brown’s office and ask him to do the work Pro-Bono.
    Come on guys, go make this thing happen, I am willing to bring the pop-corn.

  8. Just to be clear about the 1:37pm update of this story today (July 14), the words in all-caps and boldface are not mine. They were added by the editor for this site.

  9. It’s starting to look like either Harmer knew full well what was going on or he was duped and played by CCRP leadership. Take your pick.

  10. 5/28 CCTimes article on Harmer quotes Michael Caparusso as spokesperson for Harmer campaign:

    “Harmer said he already has raised more than $150,000 for this race. Spokesman Michael Caporusso said if this early support is any indication, “we’re well on our way to raising over $1 million for this election.”


    Why is the Executive Director of the CCRP and on the payroll for $4000 per month the spokesperson for the Harmer campaign. If this is not support I don’t know what is.

    Apparently CCRP was paying staff to work on Harmer campaign. Harmer had to know about this no? If not, what kind of Congress critter would he be?

    Perhaps Caporusso is now listed just on payroll of CCRP as a “consultant” but when did this change? Certainly this is a conflict of interest that certain leaders were not going to make transparent since it is a meal ticket.

    Follow the Money!

  11. One of the more interesting distinctions between Democratic and Republican Parties in the CD 10 Race: Dems have 8 candidates at the moment and there have been 5-6 Forums and debates amongst the candidates (some reported on here). As for the Republicans- no debates-no forums reported- only a potential accusation of illegal conduct and a threatening law suit. All we need now to further the disparity are a “Cheney Hunting accident’, accusations of extreme rendition and someone from the Waterboard….errrr… District.

    1. Edi may I remind you that you were Double Dog Daring someone to take complaint to AG

      so if you want to stir the pot put up some $$?

    1. Thanks that’s three hundred ($300) toward $350

      who else can contribute?

      I’d imagine that any registered voter in the county can make filing but better for someone in CD-10

      can an attorney please contact us via contact form if you could help filing?

  12. Has anyone asked him? I don’t know the man personally. If no one else has or will, there is a number in the contact section of his website, Harmer that is. If he had nothing to do with this, I do think that should be known, the title of the blog makes it appear this is his or partly his doing. I’m just curious.

    Also, if Drunk Driver Tom is that smart, why wouldn’t he talk about AD-15 or CD-11, places the GOP can win with unity and hard work?

    1. I would also love for candidate Harmer to explain why the vice chair is pimping Harmer and his campaign to hot talk hosts to the exclusion of all other Republican candidates. All this love from Tom Del Beccaro and Harmer did not know a thing or assent to any working agreements and understandings? No money or campaign jobs were discussed either…

      Uh huh

      Believe that and I got a single payer plan I’d like to sell you

  13. Per CRP bylaws, CCRP can endorse a candidate in a special election if 4 conditions are met. As an officer of the Sacramento County RP, I can assure you that the 4th condition will not be met. SCRP will not endorse a candidate, and SCRP will not meet again before the special election. It does not sound as if CCRP met the second or third conditions either.

    Section 3.02.04 Republican County Central Committees’ Pre-Primary
    Endorsements for Partisan Elective Office in Special Primary
    Elections or Recalls
    (A) Where there is more than one Republican candidate for nomination or
    election in a special primary election, no Republican County Central
    Committee shall endorse, support or oppose any candidate for nomination
    or election at a special primary election or in a recall or recall replacement
    election, except in the following manner and circumstances:
    (1) Notice of the proposed action is given at least five days in advance of
    the Central Committee meeting to all persons entitled to vote.
    (2) A hearing is held and the candidates affected are given an opportunity
    to appear.
    (3) A candidate receives a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting
    members present and voting.
    (4) The action is concurred in by all other Republican County Central
    Committees which have jurisdiction over the affected election district, in
    compliance with the provisions of subdivisions (1) through (3) of this

    1. David, thank you for the clarification. I suppose the CCRP whisper campaigners will now parse the word “support” as if there was not some tacit agreement which has been promulgated in private emails and conversations to “get behind” Tom Bel Beccaro’s and Mike Caporusso’s most recent meal ticket,

  14. July 13, 2009
    I am concerned. I am very concerned for any resemblance of impropriety or illegality that may blemish the Republican Party from any candidate. If Mr. Harmer is innocent, he should be redeemed with the same enthusiasm that his current accusers have used against him. If Mr. Harmer is guilty of any of these issues he should remove himself from the race. After all, we have the democrats over a barrel on the issues, but all our candidacies will be forever tainted by any level of corruption within the party.
    Dr John Toth

    1. Let’s ask him to explain how this topic got overlooked during his many open and free discussions with GOP rank and file. For instance he could disclose who his campaign mgr is and other key elements of campaign staff; we wonder what agreements were made between him and the brilliant shining leader and vice chair.

  15. OK, so let us see some follow up here, which of these folks are reporting it to the Attorney General… oh geee… that’s the Democrat running for Gov. There has got to be plenty more comedy in this scene than the internal Republican fight being played out in a Sacramento court house. Come on you law and order types, go and report it to the AG… I dare you, infact I double dog dare you !

    Remember: politics is the most expensive form of entertainment that our money is forced to buy. And in this case I want my money’s worth.

    1. Section 7354 of state code says any registered voter can make complaint to Superior Court to issue a restraining order

      who will contribute to cover legal fees?

      Halfway to concord will donate the first $100

      can we find an attorney to file for a group quickly?

    2. An anonymous donor has matched the initial $100 offered by this website

      estimate is $350 filing fee to file complaint in Superior Court

  16. Tom Del Beccaro and his cronies always break the rules and even the law if it suits them. They’d be the first to claim they’re holier than thou (meaning Democrats). What’s Sonaty drinking to think Harmer – a newcomer to politics – could win? Can’t be alcohol because Harmer’s a Mormon.

    Even Del Beccaro can’t be so naive as to believe his own blarney about winning this seat. Deep Throat’s right about FOLLOW THE MONEYafter all these years. It’s either because Harmer has hired the CCRP Executive Director as campaign manager or because Harmer’s promised the CCRP money for voter registration.
    Maybe it’s both.

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