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The flawed Measure Q parcel tax to backfill fire district pensions fell far short of approval receiving 52% of the vote which required 66% and so failed. Moraga, Orinda, and Pinole each passed new utility taxes. Measure N in Richmond, which would require businesses to pay a license fee to sell sugared beverages, was torched into caramel by voters 2-1. Concord’s Measure J, which would have made its City Treasurer an appointed position was defeated despite the backing of City Hall types.


Proposition 30’s promise to tax the bejesus out of California Millionaires (defined as those with incomes of $250,000) won easily. Money from the tax, ostensibly for education, will be wasted quickly on other black holes in California’s budget. Stay tuned for massive cuts anyways and another tax measure soon as Governor Brown and Assembly Democrats can gin up another statewide tax. Prop 31 (State Budget Amendment and Trojan Horse for Regional Planning) and Prop 32 that would limit automatic union payroll deductions) were defeated. The death penalty in California remains unchanged, voters wagged a collective finger at Human Trafficking (Prop 37), and  insurance companies were denied leeway to manipulate pricing for auto insurance rates.


No surprises here. In the U.S. Senate and Congressional races in Contra Costa County, all but one incumbents won: Feinstein, McNerney, Miller; Mike Thompson won the 5th Congressional district seat. Eric Swalwell defeated long-time bigot incumbent Jerry Stark and good riddance. In California State Senate Assembly races, it was a Democrat sweep: Wolk, DeSaulnier, Hancock, Bonilla, Skinner, and Buchanan. Jim Frazier defeated Mike Hudson for the newly gerrymandered 11th State Assembly District seat.


In Concord, the largest city in the County, Dan Helix Sr. won reelection with 22% of the votes. Edi Birsan, a target of a late, ill-advised hit piece by the Concord Police Officers’ Association won the open seat, defeating Tim McGallian who was heavily backed by the cops, city hall, and the garbage company by about 1,9oo votes. My next door neighbor and colleague on the Measure Q oversight committee, Harmesh Kumar, showed well, coming in fourth with 13.52% of the vote.

In Brentwood, Gene Clare unseated incumbent Rob Brockman, while Erik Stoneberger won re-election. In Clayton, two incumbents were re-elected (Geller and Pierce), while challenger Jim Diaz  defeated incumbent Joe Medrano, while also squeaking past Kevin Liberman by just 129 votes with all 36 precincts reporting.

In Danville, both incumbents, Arnerich and Doyle, won reelection. Incumbent Greg Lyman and challenger Mark Friedman won seats in el Cerrito City Council. In contentious Hercules, incumbents Bill wilkins and Gerard Boulanger were defeated. One incumbent, Dan Romero won reelection, and was will be joined by challengers Bill Kelly and Sherry McCoy.

In Lafayette, Mike Anderson won reelection while Traci Reilly won an open seat. In Moraga, Mike Metcalf barely won reelection (114 votes), as challengers Phillip Arth and Roger Wykle won two other seats, both defeating incumbent Karen Mendonca.

Martinez City Councilman Mark Ross won reelection and is joined by Anamarie Avila Farias. Incumbent Kevin Romick lost his seat as Oakley voters decided for Doug Hardcastle and Diane Burgis. Voters in Orinda and Pinole reelected their current council members (Victoria Smith and Jerry Brown fundraiser Steve Glazer), and (Roy Swearingen and Pete Murray). In Pinole, Big L Loser Ivette Ricco, who complained about opponents’ use of official city and department logos was found herself to be in conflict with those rules, not her opponents.

Incumbents Will Casey and Ben Johnson won reelection in Pittsburg, while incumbent David Durant won reelection in Pleasant Hill as did challenger Ken Carlson. It will be chaos as usual in the City of Richmond as incumbent Nat Bates will continue to butt heads with uber progressive RPA backed members Tom Butt and Eduardo Martinez, who also won a seat.

In San Pablo, Incumbents Kathy Rothberg, Cecilia Valdez won reelection; Rich Kinney defeated incumbent Leonard McNeil in the race for the third seat. In Walnut Creek Kish Rajan lost as incumbent. Bob Simmons won his seat again and will be joined Justin Wedel and Loella Haskew.


Newcomer and former Fremont Councilmember Bill Pease led all candidates for the two Discovery Bay Community Services seats. He will be joined by incumbent Mark Simon. Jim Mattison came in third.

Hothead lefty blogger Michael Burkholder was defeated in his bid for a seat on the Ironhorse Sanitary District. He lost by four votes to third place winner Aaron Meadows, who will join incumbents Michael Painter and David Contreras who were reelected. And thank God Democrat activist and County payroll deadbeat Maria Alergria, the recalled Pinole councilmember searching for yet another sinecure, was defeated by Zakhary Mallett who also defeated incumbent Lynette Sweet.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

4 thoughts on “Local election results for Contra Costa County”

  1. Greetings to all the East Bay Conservos, fresh on the heels of another Grand Defeat. Take a moment to reflect on just how out of touch you are in Contra Costa, the East Bay and California. Poor Mittens just couldnt remake himself enough times to try to please the entire Universe. Hah!
    New motto for the Repooplican Party, “Fear and Denial”…
    Enjoy the new landscape!!

  2. Thanks for the cool nickname Billy. I thank you for proving once again that you fail to fact check before you publish. Aaron Meadows did not take third, Doug Scheer did. Aaron Meadows did not win a seat. For the record, it’s Ironhouse, not “Ironhorse”. Thanks for the laugh.

    I would encourage you to make an “update” to the article so that you can continue with your tagline of “Halfway To Concord is the leading online source for community-driven political news, events, and opinion for Contra Costa County and the San Francisco East Bay.” If your going to be the leading source, please fact check.

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