Mary Jo Rossi teaches cops to destroy opponents

Mary Jo Rossi, political hack, concord cops, smear tacticsFollowing the outrageous smear of Concord Council candidate Edi Birsan by the union representing the Concord Cops, some in the local media, perhaps to protect their own chums, waved off such chilling behavior as merely a “boys will be boys” prank. But under the rocks our mainstream doyens don’t care to report on, we find that Mary Jo Rossi, a campaign consultant for local protected interests, is dead serious.

In the article below Rossi maps out why and how police unions should “take out” enemies of police friendly city council majorities. What’s more, cops should show off that “power” to instill fear to make sure electeds stay in line.

Without an original thought except to parrot Alinsky style destruction of political opponents, Rossi even plagiarizes former Concord City Manager Ed James’s famous quip about “counting to three.” What a clueless, ham-fisted, compass-less hack.

RLS Client Bulletin

Can Your Organization Count to Three?

By Mary Jo Rossi, Media Consultant to Rains Lucia Stern, PC

Everywhere throughout California this year, police, deputy sheriff and public employee unions have been taking a beating at the negotiations table. If we are looking to place blame, we can always turn to the wretched economy or the success of the “Tea Party” in convincing city officials, the media, and the voters that public employees are too highly paid and their pensions are bankrupting local government.

But there is another culprit in this mix of bad fortune: In most of the jurisdictions where our associations work, we cannot count even one or two city councilmembers or members of county boards of supervisors who are our friends.

In many cities, we are misinterpreting “friendly” elected officials (the ones who SAY “public safety is my top priority,” especially during an election year) for those who are true “friends.” A true friend of law enforcement is an official who understands and shares our values and one who is not afraid to courageously stand up to support us, especially on salary and benefit issues.

Especially at negotiations time, we need to be able to count on a majority of local elected officials who will stand up for our men and women in blue. Unfortunately, most everywhere we now serve, we lack the ability to count to three. This needs to change if we are to stop the bleeding of our members’ pay and benefits.

Here are some steps individual associations can take to begin putting into place a strategy to gain a majority of “friends” on city councils and boards:

1. Make a true assessment of your relationships with your elected officials. Who are the real friends your association can count on? Who are the ones who can sometimes be counted on? Who are the officials who are not your friends and outwardly oppose you on salary and pension issues?

2. Determine which of your elected officials are up for re-election in 2012 and in 2014. Make a plan. Who will you support? Who will you oppose? Get serious about a plan to gain three votes for your members.

3. Start building up your PAC. An association’s ability to contribute is imperative. Convince your members that an added investment for political activities will pay off for them in the long run. You will need money in your PAC to implement your plan.

4. Plan to support your friends. Support means more than just an endorsement. Give a campaign donation. Do an independent expenditure from your PAC to pay for signs, voter emails, and recorded calls to voters. Walk precincts, if necessary.

5. Plan to take out your enemies. Make a point of blocking the election of subpar candidates, even if you do this one election at a time. This will also show the other elected officials that your support or opposition means something. Don’t give your endorsement to any elected official who criticizes or has been a thorn in your side. Send emails, a mail piece, and/or recorded phone calls to voters telling them why this elected official should not be elected. What do you have to lose?

6. Start recruiting police-friendly candidates now. Determine if you need to recruit new candidates to run for office – individuals who share your values and who will stand up for your members when it counts. How about police officers or dispatchers in other cities who reside in your city or county? Or retired police officers? Be creative. Begin recruiting now!

The only way we will begin making headway at the negotiations table is to be able to count a majority of friends on our city councils and boards of supervisors. This won’t happen unless you develop a strategic plan.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

9 thoughts on “Mary Jo Rossi teaches cops to destroy opponents”

  1. This sleaze has been slinging her crap in our county for years.

    Thank you for exposing this trash. We deserve much better in Contra Costa County.

    I will be certain to find what candidates she represents in the future as well as who is financing her sleaze ball politics.

    We cannot keep her from her view point but we can keep her from being successful.

    BGR, thank you for bringing Mary Jo Rossi’s tactics to light.

  2. What bothers me is this sleaze ball consultant is actually proud of spreading falsehoods with racist overtones about Edi Birsan. The end must justify the means in her sick sick world.

    With this being the case, what is our city coming to when this type of behavior is apparently tolerated? Is Concord now a place where “ONLY SOME families come first”; where city approved rent-seekers and special interests can pay hacks like Mary Joe Rossi to defame opposing candidates to maintain their exclusive grip on Concord City Council?

  3. No, Mary Jo Rossi. You’re the one who is mean-spirited. The people of Concord are very upset with what you and the Concord POA did to Edi Birsan. It was sleazy, racist and homophobic. How can you live with yourself? Does money feel that good to you? I will be paying attention when it’s time for the next election. I will not support any Concord city council candidates that are connected with you or the Concord POA.

    BGR, thank you for bringing Mary Jo Rossi’s tactics to light.

  4. Billy,

    Thank your proving just how brilliant of a strategist Ms. Rossi is. What you claimed in your so called peanut gallery commentary is funny. The real meat and potatoes is in her article she wrote which highlights a brilliant mind at work which is more than what I can say about you.

    Anyone looking to run for office or fighting for a cause may want to give her a call. Actions speak louder the words and she has the track record which Mr. Billy here does not.

    1. Proof is in the pudding. It makes sense you would approve of Rossi’s smear tactics, which we can also gather from your response above. Good luck with Rossi’s failed strategies.

  5. Bill, at least I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. You, however mask yourself as a “journalist” when you are really nothing but a sad, mean-spirited old man with nothing better to do than to journal your pathetic blather.

    1. Sticks and stones is probably the best we can get from such a sore loser, who’s best call from her specious playbook backfired and failed utterly.

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