Occupy Protesters target Todos Santos Plaza in Concord, Nov 5

occupy contra costa 99%, protest in concord, occupy wall st, OWS, todos santos Occupy Contra Costa 99% is organizing an “action” to take place November 5, 2011, in Todos Santos Park, in solidarity for the continuing Occupy Oakland actions and “other stuff” (sic). A “General Assembly” will be held Sunday, October 30, in Todos Santos Plaza, at 10:00 a.m., to plan the festivities for November 5, as well as to discuss how the group can support General Strike planned for Oakland on November 2. See Agenda for October 30 meeting.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

14 thoughts on “Occupy Protesters target Todos Santos Plaza in Concord, Nov 5”

  1. Good point Lars. Let’s not forget the 60% raise that our Supervisors grabbed not that long ago. Now they give back a few percent. The public sector pay is just as out of control as the private sector. The difference is that when the upper public sector overspends on its own bloating, the result is cutting services for those at the bottom. I think there should be a federal law that dictates a maximum amount of increase and/or pay above the normal average pay in that area. Just like the private sector there are documents that show what the local prevailing wage is. This could be a guide to start with. Also, when it comes to perks and benefits above the basics for public employees, they should only be ratified by a vote of the public ( the ones who actually pay their perks). Sadly enough even our local county government has been corrupted by the pay to play attitude of special interest. We need to remove public officials that are self-serving and reclusive. One of the current Supervisors that immediately come to mind is Mary Piepho. A spend thrift self serving politician bad for the common worker. I hope the 99% start voting these people out of office and not just protest without follow up. So far all I’ve seen is the 99% making it more difficult for the 88% who need to go to work and pay taxes for the 1% overpaid public employees.

  2. Income inequality has become national issue now, the people at the top continue to fix rules so they can clean up financially, we are seeing this in business and in the public sector. It’s the CEO mentality, these people at top believe they deserve huge salaries, golden parachutes, free houses, gargantuan pensions. 8 CEO’s of “non-profit” hospitals in the bay area getting paid 1 million dollar salaries to push papers around office. Retiring Sherrif Warren Rupf and DA Bob Kochly were drawing bloated pensions – in the $100,000 range, AND drawing full time salaries as DA and Sherriff (thankfully board of Supervisors outlawed practice, which led Kochly and Rupf to retire). Defenders of this practice – this business of CEO’s and public managers raking in the dough – continue to insist they have somehow “earned” right to make these gargantuan paychecks, hey, I’ve got news for you, these hospital CEO’s just talked somebody into giving them these huge paychecks, same with these public managers who draw bloated pensions while working full time. These people aren’t working any harder than a lot of blue collar workers or Safeway checkers, they have simply got themselves into a situation where they are getting paid way, way more than they are worth. A single Safeway checker probably generates more income- tax revenue than all these hospital CEO’s combined, these hospital CEO’s are just leaching off health care system, which is in shambles. Income inequality is about people at the top raking in money they don’t deserve, while people at the middle and low end making little nothing. People are tired of it, that’s why the Occupy movement is building steam

    1. For me it’s more about the 1% who make rules for the rest of us and rig the game and buy the politicians from both parties. That’s what causes the inequality. Some animals are more equal than others on this farm.

  3. So what happened at Todo Santos? The ones protesting outside the Chase Bank in Walnut Creek on Saturday were a very small group including a few senior citizens and a couple of guys on reclining bikes. Not getting much attention or support from passerby.

    1. I saw Concord Police who were having lunch Saturday noon who said maybe 25. Apparently the world wide revolution wasn’t sparked in Concord.

    2. I was a participant in the 11/5 Concord “Bank Transfer Day” action, and I thought it went pretty well for a first time action by the “Occupy Contra Costa 99%” group. About 100 finally joined in the march. My 2 sided sign said “Transfer Your Accounts”! (side #1), and “Prosecute the Bankers Who Caused the Financial Meltdown”! (side 2). Many of the signs were more vaguely related, but still upheld the “Occupy” philosophies. I used my “Transfer…” sign, briefly facing the lines at the ATMs, and the “Prosecute…” sign at the doors of the Banks, where the Bank Managers were body-blocking the doors (we did not go inside). The police were tense and very sober-looking, and never looked us in the eye, but effective and efficient in keeping the group on the sidewalks and they blocked side intersections for our safety in passing. There was excellent coverage of the event in the on-line Concord news paper: AdaltoNascimento@Patch.com , with numerous pictures and many comments of participants. Adalto, the editor, also did an excellent job as observer and reporter. I’m sure he would be happy to help communicate ahead of time about any future actions. I, personally, would like to see a really effective Tar Sands protest, since the protest at the White House on Nov. 6 was pretty spectacular, drawing 12,000 participants, and may have been instrumental in causing the general legal overseer of the State Department to say he was going to investigate wrong-doing on the part of the State Department Tar Sands Committee. There is a “Can of Worms” there, if he but look. Obama is due to say yay or nay to this potentially devastating Big Oil project, by the end of November.
      Go to 350.org for full information. L. Susan Ruano

  4. It’s funny how the photo shows people with their faces covered like terrorists. Wish all these people had the same energy to clean up the trash they generate. A comment about public wages. With all this debt and reccession talk along with reduced taxes on devalued homes, why doesn’t the entire government pro-rate a three percent wage reduction on all publically paid government employees making OVER the average income for the are served ? That would be taking from only the top government takers. What a marvel simple idea.

  5. Most of the ones in W.C. are retread hippies from Rossmoor (funny huh?). This group going to Concord will most likely be ones who are unwilling to Occupy a Job let alone a LIFE.

    I was enjoying the INDIAN Summer until I realized I should be hoping for rain to begin so we can have five months of peace.

  6. The public parasites (a.k.a. government employees)(esp. local government employees) are part of the “1%” who the protesters are protesting against.

    When I was in Marine Corps Boot Camp, my Senior Drill Instructor routinely reminded us that “you don’t get a medal for doing your job.”

    To all public parasites (a.k.a. government employees)(esp. local government employees):

    You don’t deserve a medal for taking OBSCENE wages/salaries, benefits, and pensions to do your job.

    You are NOT heroes despite your incessant, annoying self-proclamation of heroism.

    You are VILLAINS.

    You are deceitful, selfish, greedy, ungrateful, petulant, childish, and evil.

    You are public parasites sucking the taxpayers dry.

    More tongue lashings at http://americanscumbags.blogspot.com/

    1. Given his ego, to say nothing of his girth, he will need two rooms. I can’t understand how he thinks his drivel flavored claptrap helps at all to anyone except to feel self-important spouting off his junior varsity socialist rant.

      Maybe Alex Baldwin or Sean Penn can bring him up to speed on the finer points of world politics and 2000 years of political philosophy and economy. Alternatively, Michael Moore could start with Sydney Hook to get a feel for, just for starters, a pragmatic critique of marxist ideology in the American context. There are others, of course.

  7. Occupy, Squat, defecate, and encamp with trash is all I have seen so far. Are these truly voters for the U.S. Constitution or takers and leaches of the system?

    The basic idea is great for 99. The reality is seeing the 60’s hippy movement that did nothing but create problems for the general public. No one won then and no one will win now.

    Why, because the people who actually vote are feeding the corrupt politicians rather than kicking them out of office.

    Nothing will change until special interest, public employee unions, bought and paid for politicians, and entitlements are reformed or eliminated.

    Too many Americans ( and illegal immigrants ) have become expectant on the backs of the mainstream taxpayer. Well, we are broke now. There are too many takers and not enough givers.

    When I was a little child I still remember John F Kennedy’s words. They have been a part of my character and life since.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you,
    Ask what you can do for your country”

    So for those of you kicking back with a cell phone, couch, playing on the internet, or TV that are collecting money from the government to do nothing, it wouldn’t hurt to donate your time back to the communities in any fashion you can. Offer to help at schools, pick up trash in your neighborhood, sweep something, help an elderly person, or anything you can.

    For those politicians that spend excessive on travel, food, hotels, and special interest watch out. Eventually the voters will smarten up and dump you out of office for real true Americans that actually care.

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