Where in the world are Supervisors Peipho and Glover?

After watching the local broadcast of the Supervisor debates, I have to ask…Where in the world are Supervisors Mary Piepho (D3) and Federal Glover (D5)? More accurately, what planet do they live on these days, as these two incumbent Contra Costa Supervisors (BOS) tell tall tales of accomplishment and leadership that does not have anything to do with reality, on this planet at least.

where in the world is supervisor piephoFirst we hear from Mary Piepho that Contra Costa County is leading the state if not the nation and the world in handling its retiree health benefit debt. Really? Contra Costa’s OPEB obligation is heading toward $3-billion and is larger than the OPEB debt of five larger California counties — Alameda, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento and San Diego — combined. In offering a mere 40-percent solution, the only leadership we see is in the BOS failure to not deal with the political and structural realities that got us so far in debt in the first place.

Meanwhile, Federal Glover offers voters Rollie Katz flavored Kool Aid when he avers that the County cannot solve the OPEB problem. Rather we need a solution at the state and national levels in the form of Universal Healthcare. As if this will eliminate the current debt and obligation to current employees. This is irresponsible gibberish.

Unfortunately, many of the challengers during these televised debates were not very forthcoming, either. Most hemmed and hawed around the question from the Times’ Lisa Vorderbrueggen when she asked how to increase funding for OPEB when there is already a $51-million budget shortfall on the table.

Clearly, no one wants to address the elephant in the kitchen called cutting obscene health care giveaways to current unionized public employees. Times columnist, Daniel Borenstein, in a recent editorial suggested that, “instead of offering the county-subsidized health benefits, the county (c)ould provide a stipend of $250 a month to cover the cost of Medigap insurance. By one estimate, that simple change would save the county $37 million a year.”

These and other common sense suggestions prove that the issue facing Contra Costa County is not about money. It’s never about the money. The issue is having the vision for sane and fair policies that work, and having the courage and community support needed to take on the public employees unions that are eating taxpayers alive. Instead, all we hear from incumbents is, “Oh my, it took us forty years to get into this jam, and by golly we don’t want to upset the apple cart cause it’s all about relationships.”

The only reason these political sock puppets of the public employee unions don’t represent California’s more agricultural communities is because farmers already know what a load of bullshit looks and smells like.

In the end, despite the childish and self-righteous temper tantrums of SEIU Local One union rep Rollie Katz, the County in fact ends up favoring special interests by coddling union employees instead of funding critical services including health care for the poor and public safety. Please tell us, Supervisor Gioia, what’s so Progressive about that? How does it help working families who really need county services when at the end of the day, the only people who are being served are the union bosses and the politicians they support.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

18 thoughts on “Where in the world are Supervisors Peipho and Glover?”

  1. I was just going to say there should be separate comments sections for;

    " Pissed at Piepho " and " Heckle at Houston"

    so we can keep track of whom is getting trashed the most 🙂

    ~ EDITOR RESPONDS — what would be the fun in that? It'd be like a Junior High dance with the girls gossiping on one side of the gym and the boys on the other looking at their shoes.

  2. Dear Bill-Gram-Reefer: Thanks for the note about Big Mouth Broad or No nonsense. Sorry I spelled your name incorrectly. I have not had a chance to meet you, but look forward to it. You are correct you should have various strips in the comment section. Whether they be yellow, black or white etc. This site is so good for Contra Costa County residents in addition to County employees to give their thoughts to the public. It is easy to laugh at people like Nononsense and move on. Keep up the good work. You have many loyal fans.

  3. This No Non Sense person thinks they are the comment police? We have beloved Bill Graham Reefer as the comment police. He does a darn good job of it. We don't need another person like this No Sense person trying to force Supervisors we do not support down our throat.

    ~ EDITOR RESPONDS–"Beloved"? LOL! Only my wife calls me that, especially when she wants me to do something.

    Seriously. Alamo and Knightsen should know by now I won't kick Big Mouth Broad or No Nonsense, or others with whom I may not agree off the site simply because, as much as I might hate to admit, very infrequently such loathsome and irksome people who have the sheer audacity to do so can be right about a few things once in a blue moon. Everything I write here is not always 100% and I need good folks of all stripes to keep me and the conversation honest. That said, thanks for your support and just a small request…please endeavor to spell my name correctly..it's bill gram-reefer as in metric unit of weight.

    Despite the charges of some, I am not a cracker!

  4. This site is great! It is exactly what is described in the comment request. "Speak your mind." We get to express our opinion on how we really feel about some of the people we have made a huge error in electing them by thinking they would do their job. These comments are not what Mr. No Nonsense calls

    " stuck on stupid petty personal attacks." This is allowing the people of the County to tell the editor how fed up they are with the crap our politicians are dishing out. Piepho, Glover and Gioia are three of a kind. These three are yes people until you turn around and then they do what each other wants them to do. They do not do what the people want. People are so fed up with Piepho's two faced , multiple personality, fed up with Glover and his yes sir until you get out of the room, and Gioia's down right stupidity and arrogance of the people. For Mr. No Non Sense to think the people on this website are stupid is stunning. If you don't like what people think and feel about the politicians of this county then you need to stay off this site. We are tired of hearing from you and your trying to paint Princess Piepho with a good brush. We do not like what she has done and not done. We don't like how she treats people, we don't like her lying to the public, and we don't like the way she ignores what the communities think and what they want. So please stop trying to pound sense into the opinions on this website and go some place else if you must lecture the people that want to express their real opinions. They have the right to say what they feel! Bill Graham Reefer says so! Please stop acting like the "God or Godess of politics". You are not the smartest guy in the room like you think.

  5. Reading the ranting and raving of Mr. No time for nonsense is very amusing and entertaining. The writer forgets good old Mary's short employment was terminated by Mr. Portway for incompetentcy. Then she sues him claiming discrimination? Just ask him. He still complains about the mess she made and left behind. As for the Title company Mr. No Nonsense claims she "ran" . Mary was licensed? I doubt it. I have checked state records and find no license under her name, past or present. Was she "running" this Title company without being licensed? If that was the case again she needs to be educated about her violation of so-called "running" of a Title company. Did she run that out of business also? Because what Mary's minion Mr. No Nonsense is trying to sell to the pubic is more of the rhetoric Piepho hands out. Mr. No Nonsense continued attempts to cover up Piepho's undepinning of educational skills, experience and ability is also getting old also. As for me I prefer the people handling my funds to have enough common sense and the where with all to really balance a budget and be able to add and subtract so it makes sense. Please review the most recent Board of Sups video with Gioia and Piepho laughing about the challeges to their so-called balance budget. Piepho's and Gioia's immature actions speaks volumes about their abilities as what they consider leaders and their lack of respect for the public comment . When citizens question their actions about the so-called balanced budget Piepho and Gioia think it is funny and amusing the financial challenges this County will face due to their financial ineptness. I encourage all of you to watch the video showing immature actions of Piepho and Gioia. No doubt Piepho will show her inabilities by laughing in face of Rollie Katz' while she faces the Union during the contract negoiations? No doubt she will be laughing about cutting the services to the citizens of Contra Costa County due to her inexperience with the adding machine? Mr. No Nonsense rambles on about the Alamo person misspelling words. The Alamo writer is not the one running for Supervisor . Good attempt at diversion. The Alamo person doesn't need college degee to give an opinion, just like Mr. No Nonsense. Again it is evident Mr. No Non Sense doesn't have one either or thinks he needs one in this day and age. As for Houston sending his kids to private school. Sounds like he cares as a good parent about preparation of his children to attend a University to get that degree Piepho and Mr. No Nonsense do not have. Remember Mary Piepho didn't think our public schools needed any funding for education. However her priority was putting up new street signs with a custom logo, painting 25 mph on her own streets, hiring additional people for code enforcement to cite people for parking their boat in front of their residence for more than 15 minutes. And of course I forgot,! Spending $3500 of the CSD's money for a zip code party, to pat herself on the back and give herself an award. But harrassing Department heads with writing rude and arrogant letters, ignoring public safety, our crumbling roads and that kind of stuff is too much to request from someone that has not accomplished much except inflating our County debt. There's some real priorities for you! And as for that CAO they gave the raise to so taxpayers could pay his high retirement salary when he retires shortly is a real plus for her accomplishments. Mr. No Nonsense likes to ramble on like he is the only one that has any inside knowleldge. I have faith the voters will kick Olive Oil and her side kick to the curb as soon as possible.

  6. Hey Alamo Resident!! Andrew Johnson was the president who never attended school not Andrew Jackson!!

    I have to admit that this statement by you had me rolling on the floor!

    "Why would Mary Piepho think education was important when she doen’t have any."

    You are funny!!

    I will never let Piepho's lack of education keep me from voting her out of office.

  7. No time for nonsense says quit attacking then he immediately attacks posters for poor spelling/grammar. He implies he is smarter by demeaning others. He uses the word "juvenile" and asks readers to look in the mirror…..hmmm.

    He says staff hammers out the contracts and the elected BoS members have nothing to do with the process. Well who the F… votes to approve the contracts? Is he saying piepho and the other 4 are just rubber stampers for whatever the CAO serves up? Hey, maybe this guy and I do agree on something!

    I truly wish folks who make grandiose statements claiming to know all would have the guts to state their name. But since I can easily assume who the writer is, I'm not surprised he is afraid to post his identity.

  8. Not clear if some of these posts are folks waking from a long slumber or just trying to create an alternate reality. $51M deficit says Alamo resident? You reading the National Enquirer or just making these up as you go? Maybe a review of current events is in order before you post? The proposed budget is a balanced budget, OPEB has been reduced by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, county reserves are increasing and it was Sheriff Rupf who asked for the jail in Deer Valley. Please read a newspaper or get some facts from any number of reliable online sources in advance next time.

    Piepho has run a newspaper and a title company. Again, your innuendo misses the mark on private sector employability. If the incessant nonsense had any basis in fact, you folks might have an honest debate on your hands.

    Because most of you are clearly out of touch with the process, budget proposals and union contract negotiations are carried out by the CAO and other County staff. You all talk like the Board of 5 sit on meetings hammering this stuff out. How can this group sit here, “act” informed and not be aware of this? School bonds you say? In my neck of the woods, they made no fiscal sense and were simply adding another line item to an already overburdened property tax bill. Trying to pin that failure on Piepho is just another ridiculous attempt to suggest that one person controls a process that in reality has many people weighing in. We the voters decided and it sounds like sour grapes from someone on the losing side in your case.

    Before you go running too far with the Houston fights for schools deal, perhaps we should acknowledge his kids attend private school? I guess public is good enough for you and me, but not him? No hypocrisy there, right?

    Our Country’s Corporations look outside the US for talent because the tax code was revised to favor such behavior…..try to keep up. Outsourcing is not all that new a term, nor are the reasons for it accelerating in the last few years.

    It’s pathetic that we engage in this “stuck on stupid” petty personal attack approach. Even worse when people engage in nothing but rumor mongering, if not outright denial of the facts. Don’t be a dope at the ballot box, whomever you intend to vote for. In the meantime, can this dialog be elevated to a discussion of reality based issues versus the bogus BS to this point? So far you haven’t taken this above the level of juvenile gutter trash talking politics. If all you can do is attack the messenger, then it becomes clear you have no game when it comes to the real issues.

    I’m trying to keep a straight face reading the endless “need for education” from people who submit posts rife with spelling and grammatical errors. Mirror check anyone?

  9. Piepho was just endorsed by Tom Torlakson – a man who never met a tax he didn't like and is a complete union suck up. For the past four years Piepho has voted for every union contract along with the other members of the Board of Supervisors. We need someone who supports the taxpayers for a change.

  10. Your choice this June is Mary Piepho or Guy Houston – a woman with interest in seeing that the right things get done for the county or a man with interest in seeing that the right things get done to get him to his next office long before his supervisor term is done. Get real people. Guy Houston has less than no interest in serving the county. Mary Piepho has one term under her belt and, with only one vote on the Board, has been effective in starting to turn this ship of a county. She has earned the opportunity to continue that work.

  11. It is like Piepho and Glover are smokling crack or something? Neither one of them have a clue what this County needs. Glover wanting to plant a prison next the the Deer Valley High School and Piepho acting like her fine untuned accounting skills are not an issue, Just because the County is short $51m. Neither one of them have a clue how to solve the issue. What are these people thinking? Piepho has been in office almost 4 years and at her time of re-election she's trying to address an issue that that has been going on for years. All of a sudden she runs to the front of the line waving a piece of paper trying to name all the wonderful things she's done for this County. Her claim to fame will be leaving office with a 3 Billion debt left behind. . As for the yo yo who thinks Piepho's High School Diploma is no big deal he must not have one. There are very few jobs Mary Piepho would qualify to be employed. It is insane there are not educational requirements to be a Supervisor when you are controlling public funds and putting them into devastating debt. Piepho must of not been very good at math. It is one thing to ignoring the $51M shortfall however not having a clue how to deal with it is a tragedy for ths County. What does a college education have to do with the civil war time and President Andrew Jackson.. This is the 21st century not the civil war era. The challenges in todays Governmental Agencies doesn't even compare to problems Andrew Jackson's faced. . Our country's corporations are now looking for educated people outside the United States because they cannot obtain the graduates from out education system. The exact same thing Houston has been a long time supporter of:; education of our youth. Remeber the Piepho's did not endorse either of the School Bonds for the Schools. Why would Mary Piepho think education was important when she doen't have any. The first time Piepho was elected all her supporters were doing it for Dear Old Dad. When Dad was pulling in the chits for her elecltion, her education was stuffed under the sofa. I am sure it will be no suprise to her she does not get re-elected she should be honest about the mess she will be leaving behind.

  12. What is the big deal about Mary Piepho's education? OK she has only a GED or a high school diploma. Her lack of higher education seems to be a class issue. I have heard many of the wagging mouths in Contra Costa’s political class raise to me privately Piepho’s lack of a college degree. Do I smell elitism here?

    It is funny but that her lack of a college degree did not seem to be a big deal to the folks that voted for her and endorsed her in 2004. As a matter of fact Mary Piepho has more education than former US President Andrew Johnson who succeeded Abraham Lincoln as President. President Andrew Johnson was the only American President to have never attended school of any kind. And like President Andrew Johnson, Supervisor Piepho is probably going to serve only one term in office. Unlike President Johnson nobody has tried to impeach Piepho.

    It is a hard fact that Mary Piepho is being kicked to the curb politically. In 2004 many people raised concerns that she was not ready for the job, having only served on the Byron school board. But all those Koolade drinking George Bush intoxicated Republicans voted her in big time. Now they have to take a bite off a sandwich that does not taste so good. As the saying goes politics isn’t bean bag and I believe change would be good for the Contra Costa BOS who need to be a lot more responsible for Contra Costa taxpayers. To that end Piepho has not held up her end of the bargain by being a vigorous defender of fiscal responsibility. Therefore I think it is important to elect Guy Houston so that there are some real differences on the BOS. Houston is an experienced hand on the local and state levels of government and will stand up for taxpayers against the entrenched interests in Martinez.

  13. To the person who wrote…."The State is facing a $14+ Billion dollar shortfall under Houston’s watch". Is that the best you can do? That is the most ridiculous reason to vote for piepho I have heard yet. Do you really expect anyone to buy that CA's deficit is even remotely the fault of a minority party Assemblyman?

    For me the fact that the BoS has not challenged the unions says it all. What is the BoS afraid of? I say some new blood needs to be infused. Houston may not be everyone's favorite but bringing in a guy who has held higher/state office may be just what this county needs to make real progress on the underlying issues. If this county were a business there would be two choices….tackle the unions or go out of business. I truly do not believe piepho has the guts to do what is necessary.

  14. Very complimenting editorial from the Times. I guess it's TIMES TO

    STOP SUBSCRIBING TO THE TIMES because whom ever wrote that garbage is attempting to influence the public. I thought the newspaper was to just report the news. It seems the Times is again putting out thier laundry list of who and what to vote for. I'm anxious to see if they are in touch with the public or just trying to create more controversy.

    I think the county is in serious trouble with the team it has navigating it's boat. The money ( our tax dollars) continues to leak out the hull from the several wrong turns these navigators have made.

  15. Ahh yes, the instant gratification crowd. Decades of going in the wrong direction financially and it should be solved in the span of 3? For a kicker, throw in declining revenues and you aren't looking for a new Supervisor, you're looking for(expecting?) a magician.

    The State is facing a $14+ Billion dollar shortfall under Houston's watch. Yup, really getting your money's worth on that MBA, huh? The BoS has discretionary control of less than 1/3 of the overall County budget. Instead of harping on OPEB which is on the road to recovery or blindly throwing money at the Sheriff, Houston should talk turkey. If he plans to cut the Unions off at the knees, then come out and say so. Don't sugar coat it. Put your huevos on the line and let's see how many votes he pulls in with that one. And until he does that he's stringing you along with empty promises and rhetoric which he can never deliver. The amount of double-talk in Houston’s opening comments alone are worth their own thread!

    The HS diploma BS with the GED question mark is disingenuous and only underscores the desperation of the Houston supporters. You folks need some new talking points or new writers. That's an oldie that has been dispelled. The plain and simple fact is the lady gets the job done and to suggest she can’t or hasn’t simply because their isn’t some certificate hanging on her office wall is out of touch with reality.

    The County under Piepho has a balanced budget, has increased reserves and reduced the OPEB by a Billion dollars. Facts which are not convenient to your argument, but nonetheless facts.

    Somebody's not reading the news. Opinions of the print media are obvious from another thread, but pick up one of those newspapers browning in the driveway and you might read that OPEB is going down under current proposals, not moving toward $3B as the article suggests.

  16. While you are on your high horse, you may as well want to add the Contra Costa Times endorsement of Piepho to your list of out of this world nonsense


    – 60% pay increase for Supes

    – hiked garbage fees

    – continuing policy of giveaway union contracts

    – meekly enabling union bosses to halt County business during BOS meetings

    – thumbing their nose at the Urban Limit Line on behalf of Tom Koch's New Farm

    – badly managing MACs

    – conflict of interest by joining her husband on powerful LAFCO board

    This unsupportable behavior goes on and on and on

    The Times calls this gradual improvement? What are they smoking? Didn't they read their own investigative reports by Dan Borenstein? The Times wishes to make this election about ancient history, when it has no business trying to pry open court sealed civic settlements and agreements of non-dicslosure. Instead they should stick to the issues instead of playing favorites with incumbents that are too timid to rock the boat on behalf of taxpayers.

  17. These two are definitely in need of a reality check. In the video Piepho is still claiming she is responsible for all sorts of financial achievements and yet somehow the county is still in trouble. How does that work? She has been there four years, signed supeer-generous contracts with the unions and then whimpers that it is hard to change things. Yeah, when you leave things the same, it is hard to make changes. Duh!

    Maybe her high school diploma (GED?) is not what is needed when the county's problems are financial. Guy Houston has an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA. Big difference.

    Federal seems to be a nice man who is in over his head. Enough said.

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