Pulse of Concord: Spring 2012 Preliminary Results

This is the initial standing with a week or so still to go. If you have not put in your opinions on the survey go to: www.PulseOfConcord.com. If you have suggestions of topics and suggestions for questions write to EdiBirsan@astound.net

1. Do you remember whom you voted for in the City Council Race of 2010?
40% say No, 60% say Yes. Interestingly I asked this question at a political gathering of people in Todos Santos and got answers like: “I voted for two people” (there were three slots), “Not sure I voted.” “I voted for the woman.” (There were two on the ballot.)

2. The City should ban Sign Spinners! (A sign spinner is a person who stands on a corner and spins a sign around to attract attention to a business.)
45% Agree (17% strongly)
46% Disagree (9% strongly)
9% Neutral
Technically sign spinners may be already illegal if they are a distance from their shops. The new city sign code is working on making this clearer. However the issue is not the rules but the enforcement.

3. The City’s ban on flashing signs is a good idea.
21% Agree
59% Disagree (23% strongly)
20% Neutral
There are a few signs in the city that are of the flashing or rolling sort transcript. There has been no known enforcement including the sign about 300 yards from the Police Station where the Code Enforcement people are located. Then again it is not like we have giant neon signs of the Condor Club style around the town, but that could be the point of the regulation.

4. The Thursday night concerts at Todos Santos Plaza cost $3,000-$4,000 each. The City should fund them from the general fund for:
43% should not be funded
23% June-Oct
18% June-Sept
16% July-Aug
Well a majority wants the concerts funded somewhat. The minimum that the there seems to be favored would be for two months or about 9 weeks= $27-36,000 dollars.

5. The City is moving in the right direction.
16% Absolutely
33% Yes
30% No
15% No Way
6% neutral
A fairly close split.

6. Should Measure Q (the .5% Sales Tax increase for the city) be extended beyond 2014?

57% Yes (37% strongly)
35% No (21% strongly)
8% Neutral
This is very interesting with there already being noises made to extend the tax measure to help balance the budget that remains with a structural deficit made worse by the removal of the Redevelopment Agency that had pumped in money to pay for 7 employees as well as the Downtown concert series.

7. What slogan do you think would be the best for a campaign?
23% People not politics
17% For Concord’s Future
15% Our Neighborhoods Our Values
9% Neighbors not Politicians
37% other
This was put in here as we enter the campaign season to see what previously used slogans were popular and seemed to garner quite a reaction including “Why is this being asked?” Which has now been answered.

9. Have you had any dealings with the City in the last six months and was it satisfactory?
57% have had no dealings with the City
27% were satisfied (13% completely)
16% were dissatisfied (5% completely)
The City generally gets high marks on its response to people. I wonder if the question was maybe in need of improvement to break down City Staff (non police) vs. City Police Department. Though with the movement of Code Enforcement to the police department I wonder if that would blur the lines?

10. Do you understand the status of the City Budget in terms of it having a structural deficit/break even or surplus, the impact of Measure Q sales tax?
31% say No they do not understand
3% say No and they do not want to know
25% say Yes
16% say Yes and wish they did not know
15% say “I am afraid to find out.”

I put this in the end because I asked about the extension of the Tax earlier and was curious if this would echo the results on support of an extension. Well with 35% saying that they do not understand it and another 15% saying that they are afraid to find out, it makes you wonder why there is a a big group in favor of extending it?

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Author: Edi Birsan

Concord Resident since 1983, raised two children here who went to the public schools. Working in the international container cargo business since 1973 with my own small business since 1986 involved in Container Technical Surveys and related services.

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