Renegade Republican says farewell to the Reagan Era

Many years ago Jim Morrison of the Doors wrote a song called, “This is the end.” And so it is we may be facing the end of Conservatism’s dominance of American Politics. Sadly, the end of the Reagan Era has been presided over by President George W. Bush.

I remember that fateful night in 1994 when we Republicans shocked the world and took back congress from the Democrats. The Democrats in Congress had lost touch with the electorate and had become complacent. By 2002 the Republicans had both houses of congress the presidency and the Supreme Court. There was talk arrogantly of the permanent GOP ruling majority by honchos of George W. Bush. Yet unknown to my fellow Republicans, even then, we had reached the climax of our power as a political party.

From that point forward it has been a gradual downhill dissent led by a series of bad decisions into the abyss we are facing today. Historians will write about the stupid decision to go to war in Iraq when they did not have the troops or the commitment by the political class to put the country on a war footing, the response to hurricane Katrina, the massive expansion of the federal government at every level, hideous pork barrel spending (earmarks) by congress, the fierce cronyism of the Bush Administration. Lets not forget the utter disaster that is our border with Mexico. Republican Congressman making sexual overtures to house pages, etc, etc. By 2006 the American people had had enough and it was time to send the Republican Congress packing.

Now the American people have to choose whether to keep the Republicans running the executive branch of government or elect an untested and unknown Democrat Barack Obama to the Whitehouse? In a world of deep uncertainty either choice is a hard one. The current Republican ticket is the strangest combination in the history of the GOP. Remember Nixon-Lodge, Ford-Dole, Reagan-Bush or Bush-Cheney, Dole-Kemp? Now we have McCain-Palin.

It is bizarre to watch John McCain, the son of Admirals, a DC insider, campaign as a populist! McCain, the new populist, after all, hangs out with Warren Beatty and cannot tell you how many homes he owns. What kind of Populist does not know how many homes he owns? Or even an approximate number. His running mate Sarah Palin is a populist in the same manner as Pat Buchanan. While she brings home the red meat base of the GOP, she is extremely unqualified to be President of the United States at this point and should something happen to the 72 year old McCain… my God, President Sarah Palin!

Their campaign against elites in DC is interesting but reeks more of desperation than any kind of strategy. Even the miserable Dole-Kemp campaign was better than McCain-Palin. And McCain’s age and health history are a factor. McCain’s constant mistakes like his statement that Iraq borders Pakistan makes me question whether this 72 year old man is up for the mental stamina of the job of being President. Remember Ronald Reagan’s 2nd term was married by Iran Contra and a seeming lack of attention to details by the 72-76 year old president. Yes Reagan rallied at the end of his term to finish on top. But the whole deal with Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter marred his successful presidency.

As Republicans and more importantly as Americans we have to ask ourselves does the GOP deserve another term in office at this time. Our elected Republicans have driven the party to its is lowest ebb since 1974 and it is entirely our fault. The slaughter that is coming in November will make election night a very difficult one. We have lost track of is the fact that we ultimately work for the American people. Currently the American people do not think that government run by a Republican Party that is only interested in reelection and pork barrel spending is worth reelecting. That kind of party does not deserve to control the levers of power. Yes the Democrats are bad. But at least they are not hypocrites.

I know what to expect from them and they deliver it all the time. I expect better from the GOP. The party faithful have been sold down the river by the corrupt politicians in Washington. No I am not going to endorse Barack Obama. But maybe it is time to turn the country over to a different type of coalition until we Republicans can get our act together.

What I really want to see is a wholesale purging of anyone connected with the last eight years of corrupt Washington Republican politics. Let them all be flushed out to sea. Then while we are in the wilderness we can weed out our ranks. Then like the guerilla fighters we once were we can make the long march and come down from the mountains, lean rested and ready, to retake the Imperial City for the American people.

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Author: Renegade Republican

The Renegade Republican is a series of articles on local and national politics by a long time Republican insider. These ariticles are written to entertain as well as inform about that little world of insanity we call politics and can have one or more contributers to the final product. Joy to the world!!

5 thoughts on “Renegade Republican says farewell to the Reagan Era”

  1. “Historians will write about the stupid decision to go to war in Iraq when they did not have the troops or the commitment by the political class to put the country on a war footing,”

    Au contraire, the Bush Admin took all the necessary steps including getting permission from the UN in order to save Western Civilization from a threat you clearly do not appreciate.

    “the response to hurricane Katrina,”

    You buy into ‘crat complaints that the Bush Admin failed where actually ‘crats interfered with every effort to proceed?

    “the massive expansion of the federal government at every level,”

    Your evidence of such? President Bush vetoed most of the frivolous spending except where the spending rode on necessary legislation to preserve the peace. You should direct your anger towards the true culprits: Pelosi, Reid, and other ‘crats in control of Congress, and stop laying blame where it does not belong.

    “hideous pork barrel spending (earmarks) by congress,”

    Repubs have engaged in that minimally. the ‘crats are the masters of earmarks.

    “the fierce cronyism of the Bush Administration”.

    What are you talking about,? Please tell me of ONE such relation. I doubt you know what “cronyism” means.

  2. Not only are the Republicans fighting a battle against the Democrats, but they are also fighting among their own ranks. The conservative base has been frustrated for the past 8 years with the GOP, and the fake conservative Amnesty man McCain isn’t going to make anything any better.

    Even here in Alameda County there is a struggle going on! The newly elected Republicans on the central committee are attempting to return the party to it’s roots of limited government, and are being resisted by the Chairman (Paul Cummings Jr.), who has filed a lawsuit against the conservative group.

    You can get more info here…

  3. George W. Bush killed Reaganism. Another funny irony is the Republican Party has not won an election for the presidency since the 1920’s without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket.

  4. Renegade,

    Republicans need to move on from Reagan. This cult of personality has become anachronistic, at best.

    Your vision of some future glorious moment when, after cleaning house, Republicans retake the “Imperial City” reminds me of Yogi Berra when he said, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

    Invariably Republicans, like Democrats, once back in power, always become fat and corrupt as they create bigger government to ensure security, growth, and moralism, while yakking about no new taxes.

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