See how you score on a new Gun Control Survey

Before we get to the Gun Control Survey, let’s be honest. Other than abortion or possibly school prayer, no other issue gets the American public more fired up than the subject of gun control. In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, a wide array of solutions to avoiding gun violence and massacres by psycho killers have been suggested.

The harsh reality is that any legislative proposals dealing with gun control are not universally supported by state and federal legislators thanks to the “early retirement” plan offered by the National Rifle Association (NRA). There is simply no “slam” connected with “dunk” when this subject is discussed. Even ultra-liberal Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) has balked at supporting gun control legislation proposed by President Obama!

A diverse range of positions have support, from allowing citizens to arm themselves with whatever firepower they deem appropriate, to restricting ownership of guns to the Police and military.

Controversy rages on virtually every aspect of interpreting 2nd Amendment rights. About the only thing the two sides can agree on is the need for those who own fire arms to keep them in a safe place where children and undesirables cannot get hold of them.

With all of these ideas floating around there seems to be no consensus of what, if anything, should be done to reduce crime and gang violence associated with the use of firearms.

Below is a questionnaire designed to see where the public stands. Score yourself according to the table below the survey:

1. Should there be increased penalties for using fire arms in the commission of a crime?

– Yes, this would be a deterrent to using deadly force for an unlawful gain (0 points)
– No, increased penalties will lead to more prison overcrowding (2 points)
– If anything sentences should be shorter and counseling by mandatory for first time offenders (3 points)
– Present day laws are about right. (1 point)

2. What is the best deterrent for discouraging armed intruders from entering your house?

– Better home security systems and locks (1 pt)
– A Smith and Wesson stashed underneath your pillow (0 pt)
– Instead of the S&W under your pillow, a cell phone with 9-1-1 programmed for easy use (2)
– Outlawing all fire arms except for the police and military (3)

3. If Joe Biden invited you to a town meeting on gun control, would you attend?

– Put on your finest blue suit and try to remember talking points from a recent Rachel Maddow Show (3)
– Go to the event unless it conflicts with watching an episode of the “Big Bang Theory” (2)
– Put on your best red outfit and give em hell at the meeting (1)
– Meetings are a waste of time, schedule a trip to the firing range (0)

4. What is the best way to deal with random shooters who attack innocent people at shopping malls, schools, and other public places?

– If they are not killed in trying to stop them, shoot em dead. No trial needed? (0)
– Better counseling and concern about a probable troubled childhood to prevent such acts (3)
– More ordinary citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons to deter such acts (1)
– Make sure the law forbids anyone from owning ammunition clips holding more than 10 bullets.(2)

5. If the State or Federal government passed a law demanding that you have to register all fire arms with them and surrender any weapon they deem to be dangerous, what would you do?

– Comply with the law (3)
– Ignore the law as it violates the 2nd amendment (0)
– Obey the law but go on a last minute firearms shopping spree before the law takes effect (2)
– Register some of your weapons but not the banned ones you plan to keep. (1)

6. Should hollow point ammunition that causes more serious injuries than regular bullets be banned for use by the general public?

– Heck no, the purpose of shooting a firearm to injure (0)
– These bullets are a menace and should be banned per the Geneva Convention (3)
– Only the police and military should have access to them (2)
– Heed the advice of the NRA on this matter. (1)

7. Where should the line be drawn between the amount of lethal fire power that ordinary citizens and law enforcement process?

– There should not be a line. It is not the government’s business (0)
– The police should have better fire power (equipment) than the guys they are chasing (1)
– It does not matter as long as the fire arms belonging to private citizens are all registered and regulated (3)
– Keep the laws as they presently exist (2)

8. Should there be new special laws and regulations pertaining to what citizens are entitled to own fire arms

– Yes, more government regulations are necessary (3)
– No, just enforce existing laws (2)
– Eliminate all laws as they don’t do any good (0)
– Modify existing laws to protect the rights of gun owners (1)

9. Are changes need to the 2nd amendment of the constitution guaranteeing the rights of citizens to bear arms?

– Definitely, the constitution is outdated (3)
– No, the 2nd amendment is the only thing that allows citizens to protect themselves (1)
– It should be retained but with more restrictive laws be enacted by Congress to keep up with the times. (2)
– The second amendment should be kept with fewer governmental restrictions on gun owners. (0)

10. If a fire arm is used in the commission crime should the manufacturer be held libel as many gun control proponents have suggested?

– Such a notion is ridiculous. The manufacturer has no responsibility of how their product is used. (0)
– Yes, this would add costs to purchasing firearms which would reduce sales (3)
– Manufacturers should not be libel but work with government to make their products safer (1)
– No, but adding a tax for gun sales to support violence prevention would work (2)


Do you agree with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s suggestion that teachers carry concealed weapons to prevent similar tragedies as what occurred in Sandy Hook?

– Yes, training should be free for anyone who works for the schools who wants to carry heat (0)
– Absolutely not, the schools are not a place for guns to be present (3)
– Only administrators in the schools. They should be good for something (2)
– The only one who should carry a gun at a school is a policeman who should be assigned to for every K1-12 institution. (1)


0-3 – The militia is awaiting your arrival in Idaho
4-7 – Definitely, a candidate for NRA membership
8-15 – A middle of the roader on gun control
16-24 – The world is “Blue”
25+ – Don’t expect a Christmas card from Rambo

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