Supervisor Piepho claims BOS OPEB plan in sync with County Treasurer and Auditor

supervisor and chair of the board of supervisors mary piephoSee the e-mail blast ostensibly from Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary Piepho (D-III), who, when explaining Board actions to resolve the County’s OPEB crisis, claimed:

… the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors is committed to continuing our implementation of an OPEB plan which has and will continue to include many of the (California’ Blue ribbon) Commission recommendations as well as those of our OPEB Task Force, which includes our County Auditor Steve Ybarra and County Treasurer/Tax Collector Bill Pollacek. We are getting excellent advice and putting it into policy.

First of all, we suspect this crafty missive was more likely generated on the 11th floor of the County Administration Building in Martinez for Supervisor Piepho to distribute as her own work. That’s what staff is for, isn’t it…to make the boss look good, right?

Secondly, if the OPEB picture is so rosy as Supervisor Piepho maintains, why is it that practically every non-supervisorial elected county official including the Sheriff, Treasurer, and Assessor have for the first time not endorsed a sitting Supervisor (Piepho), but her opponent, Guy Houston?

What is it that Supervisor Piepho knows—or more likely, John Cullen— that these other elected officials, including the suits that handle the money, don’t know?

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

Bill Gram-Reefer is an expert in Public Relations, Social Media, and copywriting for business, government, non-profits, and public affairs. He offers Internet marketing services via WORLDVIEW PR.

11 thoughts on “Supervisor Piepho claims BOS OPEB plan in sync with County Treasurer and Auditor”

  1. Big-Mouthed Broad isn't kidding anyone! She (or is it really he?) was busy protecting Mary Piepho from the beginning.

    Challenge to Big-Mouthed Broad: Justify why Mary Piepho is such a good candiate by confronting the OPEB issue raised by the Administrator's original posting. While you are at it you can explain why Mary and the rest of the Board of Supervisors gave themselves 60% raises. Then explain the big raises approved for staff that Dan Borenstein included in his column from yesterday. Is giving a 38% raise a really good idea for the woman who oversees the county's labor relations negotiators?

    Then explain why the County officials who know Mary best – the Sheriff, the Treasurer-Tax Collector and the Assessor – are not supporting her.

    Don't play word games! Deal with the questions that were raised!

  2. Big-Mouth gets handed her hat in a fair fight and goes off sniffling sour grapes. As Correction posted…"typical."

  3. Actually, I am just a very strong-willed, old-fashioned republican woman. I see we have found some difficulty understanding the point. My point has nothing to do with any specific individual- I don't care if it's about Mary Piepho, Guy Houston, or Mickey Mouse himself. It was a simple clarification of the facts. Because I am a Republican, I have found myself with quite a dilemma considering both candidates are Republican. I also understand both candidates have their strong points as well as their weak ones. I also realize you can learn a lot about a candidate by the people who rally around them. To be quite honest, I was an undecided voter. I would like to thank you all for helping me tip the scale as to who I will be voting for. You have all been a very big help in losing the Assemblyman a vote. Nice job!I'm sure he'll be sending you all a great big thank you letter.

  4. Thanks goes out to Correction for the way her logical reply connected the dots of how Big Mouth and other Piepho minions can only dissemble and spin the facts into unrecognizable drivel.

  5. Question about Big-Mouthed Broad: Is she really a "he" and is "he" really Mr. Mary Piepho? I have heard he is excitable.

    "Big-Mouthed Broad" is not something most "real" women would call themselves. Maybe in some 1940's black and white film – so stop already.

    I vote "yes" on the Mickey Mouse ears on Tom Del Beccaro. It fits and besides it hides his receding hairline.

  6. This is great…Big-Mouth Broad doesn't get the difference between "no endorsement" (which he/she thinks is great) and near unaminous "endorsement of opponent" which is much more ominous.

    So once again, the Piepho camp tries to confuse the electorate by twisting bad news into a some make believe, rosy picture, just like Supervisor Piepho tries to gloss over the serious ramifications of County OPEB debt on taxpayers.


    And for the record, I'd rather wear Mouse Ears than have a nose that keeps growing everytime you lie.

  7. Come back in from way out in left field, Correction. When I stated that it was not the first time a sitting Supervisor didn't have the endorsement of the Sheriff, Treasurer, and Auditor, I was 100% factual. Whether they did or didn't endorse anyone has nothing to do with it- Thanks for agreeing with me, Admin. Since when does correcting a mistake fall under the category of "poor, poor, me" syndrome?I simply corrected a mistake and Admin. graciously accepted that correction. Not much left up for debate there. As for the Mickey Mouse ears- I guess tacky is what tacky does.

  8. Just so everyone knows what is being discussed…The letter Supervisor Piepho (or whoever authored it) refers to in the e-blast cited in the post above, clearly references the item posted below that appears in the 1-11-08 update from by Kris Hunt to the CoCoTaxpayers.

    My post above only cites an issue with how a Supervisor glossed over the supposed facts of the matter as if everything were rosy and in hand.


    "2. On Monday the Governor’s Public Employee Post-Employment Benefits Commission (the Commission) issued the report they have been working on for a year. The goal was to assess the obligations of the various governmental units in California for both pensions and Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) which is essentially health care and then make recommendations.

    "The disappointing news is that the Commission did not address the issue of what an appropriate level of pension benefits for public employees ought to be.

    "The Commission did deal a serious blow to the OPEB plan Contra Costa County has been promoting for dealing with its $3 billion OPEB problem. The Commission stated unequivocally that “Public agencies providing OPEB benefits should adopt prefunding as their policy” and furthermore they should fully fund their obligation. CoCoTax could not agree more.

    "Contra Costa County has done the following thus far:

    "They have used the deceptive phrase of “a funding target of 100% of the retiree liability” which sounds as if they intended to fully fund. Alas, only if you know how to parse that phrase would you realize it really means covering the obligations ONLY of the employees who were already retired. The “100%” the Board of Supervisors is referring to translates into a 40% funding figure. This is going to be a very tough figure to achieve without cuts of some kind.

    As of this date the Board has yet to contribute a single cent to funding OPEB.

    Some of the sources of funds the Board is relying on for that 40% funding level come far into the future (one as late as 2023) and the current Board cannot obligate future Board members to use those funds as directed.

    "What is really unfortunate is that the Board has continued to approve long term contracts that have not dealt with the problem they have designated Priority #1, #2, and #3. Perhaps now that the Commission has set the bar, the Board will deal with the problem realistically."

  9. Big Mouth Broad is certainly true to her name… Big on the Mouth and absolutely wrong on the facts. Treasurer and Auditor did not endorse anyone in 04.

    So yes, let's deal in the facts and let voters decide instead of this "poor poor me" whining and simpering from family and friends of the Supervisor.

    Bill is right, you are wrong to make it personal when it's a matter of BOS supporting very bad public financial policy.

    And BTW, I love the Mickey Mouse ears on Del Beccaro. Nothing could describe it better.

  10. Just for the record, this is not the first time a sitting Supervisor hasn't had the endorsement of the Sheriff, Treasurer, or Assessor- neither did Millie Greenberg in 2004. Let's at least have the common decency to be truthful about the candidates so that others can base their opinions on fact, not fiction. We all get the picture- you don't like Supervisor Piepho-that's all fine and dandy-but your cute little cartoons and comedic remarks were only amusing the first 500 times. Now they are just becoming old and boring. – it is time to move on. By the way, I don't think I've seen anyone put Mickey Mouse ears on anyone since I was in 3rd grade!!

    Editor replies ~ Dear Big-Mouth Broad… I've always have wanted to call someone that… Thanks for the opportunity and the Millie update. I stand corrected.

    The point still stands. It's not that I don't "like" Mary, it's I don't care for the BOS policy of telling fairy tales about OPEB. And apparently neither do the Sheriff, Assessor, and Treasurer.

    As for the cartoons… 500 times? You sure it wasn't 503? Exaggeration aside…We haven't posted any cartoons in months, thanks for reminding me. As for the Mouse ears. I hear people love them and plan on wearing some to the California Republican Convention in SF.

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