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The Concord Small Business Association invites small business owners to fill out this survey and let us know what you think about issues that effect your business in Concord, California.


In its first year, the Concord Small Business Association became an effective voice in representing the interests of Concord small business.

Some its accomplishments and activities include:

– Getting a $8,000+ refund for Blue Star Tattoo for prior overcharging of “in Lieu Fees”.
– Getting time limits changed on Adobe street parking
– The only business organization to advocate for the reduction of Administrative Fees before the Council, which were subsequently reduced for every business in the city.
– The only business organization to advocate for multiple year business license renewals.
– Supporting the small businesses on Salvio during the street work so that the street blockage does not stop deliveries and customer access.
– Getting an extension for European Deli and others facing eviction.
– Opening a direct dialogue with the city on its small business sign ordinances.
– Advocating forfull fee investigation and reduction to the actual cost of the service provided.
– Creating a direct parking policy review.
– Creating a Permit policy review whose objectives are to halt conflicting inspector requirements as well as reduce permits in total.
– Participating in the Downtown Specific Plan stakeholders committee.

The Concord Small Business Association 2014 Agenda includes:

– Complete the review of the Sign Ordinances with a view to reducing their impacts on Small Business.
– Get new policies in regard to multiple building inspection reports in conflict with each other.
– Review the Permit policies.
– Reduce Permit fees and associated other fees on business to actual costs and eliminate those that are counter to building up strong support for small businesses.
– Get a better relation with Planning with a focus on support of small business and zoning.
– Support complete and open fiscal planning in the city.
– Provide support for new small businesses in the city when dealing with government.
– Establish a growing network of business oriented organizations pooling their political influence.
– Provide a strong echo for all individual business concerns when dealing with the city government on any issue that directly affects their local business.

The Concord Small Business Association meets on the Third Wednesday of every month at Denny’s located at 1313 Willow Pass rd in Concord.

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Author: Bill Gram-Reefer

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